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Game Corner Meowth

Welcome to the Virtuadopt Game Corner!

Click Exchange Mewtwo
Answer questions to level an adoptable and get levels for your own.

Crops Amaura
Use strategy to find the Virtuadopt hiding somewhere in the field.

Grid Rotom
Figure out which piece of the grid holds the item and win it.

Hangman 076
Figure out the word, one letter at a time.

Lottery Unown
Buy tickets to win the lottery.

Match 601
Flip over and pair the cards together to clear the table.

Puzzle 547
Put the puzzle pieces in the right order to win Whimsicott.

Quests Alakazam
Do you have what it takes to complete the quest and be Mega?

Ruins 809
Put the puzzle pieces in the right order to help the Unown.

Snow Temple Regigigas
Wake up Regigigas to capture it.

Trading Point 0
Trade your adoptables in to get a rare adoptable.

Answer Team Rocket's question to win a Shadow Pokémon!