Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

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Akira Ryushin
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by Akira Ryushin »

Yeah well... too many to name.
>>;; Really... I just... since I was ten... and I'm twenty seven now so...
Its just way too much to name everything I have or how much of what...
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Strawberry Crescent
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by Strawberry Crescent »

I have a Psyduck hat, a Cyndaquil plush and a Slyvoen (that Eevee thing) plush. :p Oh and some posters.
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by Dis »

My boyfriend gifted me with a Chespin stuffy for Christmas. And I found an Eevee figure at a yard sale, which i had to buy because Eevee is my most favorite Pokemon :)
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by Shady_ »

I've added to my plushie collection, I purchased a Mewtwo at fanime this year.
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Stick 636
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by Stick 636 »

A lot of it is from when I was a kid, and I think it went into storage many years ago, so I'm not exactly sure where it all is. I have:

Treecko and Mudkip 6" figures
Plushie Poliwhirl
Small plush Lickitung that folds inside-out into a Pokeball.
Charmander bouncy ball
Lots and lots of cards. I still collect them.

There's probably a lot of stuff I'm forgetting.
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by Kanimi »

Eevee plush, Eevee tshirt, Mew made out of gen1 Pokemon tshirt, Pokemon game, Snorlax tshirt 'yo mama so fat she fell asleep and blocked the route 12!' that about it for a moment but once I get my apartment I shall own a Snorlax bed :D
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by Venom »

My brother has a ton of small plastic Pokemon figures. The ones he has out at the moment are Dialga, Heracross, Geodude, Chimchar, Golem, Buneary, Pidove, Turtwig, Zubat, Kricketot, the Froakie line, Piplup, Drilbur, Roselia, Tepig, Oshawott and probably a few more that I can't see.
I used to own his Dialga, Axew, Heracross, Raichu, Golem, Snivy and Sandile, but then I stopped playing with them so I gave them to my brother.

I have a Turtwig keyring on my keys.

I have a Snivy talking plush and my brother has an Oshawott talking plush.

I recently got a Gengar hoodie and a Team Aqua t-shirt, and my brother got a t-shirt saying "If you don't struggle, you don't improve," featuring Magikarp and Gyarados.

I also have some Pokemon cards...somewhere... I only started getting them when TCGs like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh weren't cool any more, so I never got to play them with anyone. :(
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by SkorpiaVIII »

I have a couple of pokemon plushies; two pikachus, a zorua and an espeon. I used to have loads of toys and pokemon cards, but they all got sold :'( not by choice either aha. I've started up my card collection again, but it's slow going. I also own a Groudon and Kyogre figure set. I'm hoping to expand my collection aha :)
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by RaptorBlu3 »

Plushie's: Pichu Japanese PokeDoll, Tomy Eevee, Umbreon Japanese PokeDoll.
Cards: TO MUCH CARDS!!!!!
Pokemon T-Shirts
Pikachu hat
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Y?
I believe this is only 1/4 of what I have...
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by jirachi100 »

I have lots of plushies and figures. Too much to name/remember/count. I have some cards but a lot of them are in bad condition. Do games count? I have a lot of the games, but of course not all of them. Some various other things I have are some shirts, a plate, a bowl, a few stickers, an Eeveelution scarf, various kinds of books, and HeartGold/SoulSilver DS styluses. I probably forgot something.
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by Sabbo »

yes, mainly very rare cards ( japanese trophycards, signed cards, misprints and tournament prizes), i've been a pokemon card collector for about 2 decades but i stopped hunting for expensive cards, since my priority changed to travelling.

i also own some interesting and rare Pokemonfigures, like Bandai shiny kids or Hasbro shiny ones, figures from the metal collection and a lot more.

when it comes to plush i also have a few, mainly official stuff from the pokemoncenters which are for display only but also some plushes for cuddling.
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Re: Do you own any Pokèmon merch?

Post by ~Cookie~ »

A super beloved plush of my favorite Pokemon, from my best friend :wub:
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