Pokemon Storage System Rules (Updated April 21)

Post here your own Pokemon collection, grouped, and ordered as you wish.
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Pokemon Storage System Rules (Updated April 21)

Postby stefanol » April 12th, 2009, 9:51 pm

Okay, just a few rules of this forum:

1. You are allowed to make only one topic per person.
If you want people to visit your museum, put a link into your signature. Deleting your old topic and making a new one counts as multiple topics.
More than one thread will result in a warning!

2. No begging/asking for clicks/levels. The Storage System is made solely for Virtuadopt viewing purposes. If viewer decides to click them, it's his choice, no need to ask additionally.

3. Threads with no Virtuadopts included will be deleted. Remember:
The Storage System is a place to show off your Virtuadopts, not for click begging purpose.

This means, threads with just "click my Virtuadopts, pm me" will be deleted and
may result into a warning, if you repeat posting these.

4. We are OK with you having different adoptables in your storage. However, please include Virtuadopts too.

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