Flames Storage <3

Post here your own Pokemon collection, grouped, and ordered as you wish.
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Flames Storage <3

Postby AcryliCat UwU » November 9th, 2016, 4:42 pm

Oh I saw this here and decided why not. I may make different posts and constantly Update the first one as well.. So I can watch even my own progress here on VA 0w0

I'll be putting shinies that I have, Shinies I'm hunting, and also progress on my Pokemon armies! Which are currently Typhlosion, Yanmask, and Summer Camp Litleo.

Typhlosion Progress:
3: flamingwing12 -13

Yanmask Progress:
5: flamingwing12 -78

Summer Camp Litleo Progress:

4: flamingwing12 -89


Image Image Image

And as I slowly raise these guys in level I'll update 0w0

157 562 647 Image

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