Put Lottery Results on top

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Put Lottery Results on top

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I am proposing a tiny change for the Lottery results. Instead of having the amount you won at the bottom of what could be a very long batch of tickets, move the results to the top of the batch? It would not help when trying to find the results 2 or 3 drawings ago, but at least it would be helpful for people trying to find out how much they won on the last one they played.

Also, this may be a bigger change, but if it could also say how much lotto coins were won in the drawing?
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Re: Put Lottery Results on top

Post by Jore »


I would also like all the tickets to be in expandables, so they don't have to load when we just want to see the amount we've won.
This may also help to see the results of past drawings. ._.

Also this topic q.q
Lottery: drop-down menu and statistics

It would be nice if... just... anything changes regarding the lottery.
It's killing browsers ._.
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