Overhaul of Ice Cream Mechanism

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Overhaul of Ice Cream Mechanism

Post by Yasha » September 1st, 2019, 3:29 pm

I really like the Ice Cream event und enjoy collecting all new cones. However, I also think that there could be some improvements to the system, seeing as of now we have 369 different cones to collect.

I have two main suggestions to make:
1) change the adding scoops system
2) allow to remove ice cream scoops

Change the adding scoops system
This suggestion largely stems from the fact, that I currently have a whooping 830 cones, which are therefore displayed at the Ice Cream page from the laboratory. It's cluttered and I usually have to scroll far to the very bottom if I want to apply a scoop. A drop-down menue for both, the cone I want to use and the scoop I want to apply, would solve this issue. It would also be neat to filter the cones, so that you only display the ones which are empty.


Allow to remove ice cream scoops
I recognized something. When you are new to VA, or at least have never participated during an Ice Cream event, then you tend to stack three scoops per cone. Be it because you like it like that, or because you don't have enough money to buy enough cones for all your scoops... but pretty soon you realize, that you can't do anything with these three-scoop-cones. Other users are usually interested in single-scoop-cones, so you can't trade them. And if you start to collect singles-only as well, then those three-scoop-cones just sit in your trade box. I currently have 87 such cones with no use for me or other users. It would be really cool if you could remove those scoops, so that you can re-use the cones for something else. There are two main possibilities:

1) remove each and every scoops from a cone
This is probably the most realistic, if you think about real-life ice cream. Just whipe everything from the cone.

2) remove the top most scoop one at a time
This possibility gives the users more leeway in what they want to do with a cone. Maybe the lower-most scoop is a Pikachu, which lots of people collect, or a scoop you yourself still need for your collection.

Either way, the removed scoop should disappear after that, not to be re-used again.

So, maybe, cones like this might get value again?
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Re: Overhaul of Ice Cream Mechanism

Post by 49ER » September 6th, 2019, 2:01 am

I did find out from Jore, that when you add a 4th scoop the bottom scoop disappears. So that is one option to at least try and make the triples more nice looking, but I would really prefer that they could just be removed
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