Favorite and least favorite starter?

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Favorite and least favorite starter?

Post by canary »

Do you have any starters that you dislike and do you have any pokemon that you absolutely adore?
For me, I'm not very fond of Fennekin but I love Turtwigs.
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Re: Favorite and least favorite starter?

Post by Karasume »

My least favorite is Oshawott. Dunno, its evolutions never really made sense to me. Samurott is supposed to be a samurai, yet it's a quadruped. Strange design choice. I don't feel like it works. Greninja is a good example of a strange combo (frog ninja) that actually works well.

My favorite is probably Totodile. Always was my first pick in the games. What's not to love about a rambunctious biped gator?
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Re: Favorite and least favorite starter?

Post by mauwie »

I really love fennekin, but I was never fond of it's final evolution which is why I never used it in games.

Popplio is the perfect starter. I just think it's beautiful as it evolves. I remember being in love with this little guy before the final evolution was revealed.

my least favourite? idk maybe tepigs final evo. i feel the same about littens final evo, i'm just not a fan of bulky looking pokemon.
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Re: Favorite and least favorite starter?

Post by 49ER »

I am not a fan of most of the evos but I do like the chikorita evos. My most hated starter is the piplup
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