New Pokémon for my Y Team?

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New Pokémon for my Y Team?

Postby Wishes Delicious » May 2nd, 2015, 9:56 pm

Hello! I've recently been trying to find a new pokémon to add to my team.
My current team:
Iaus the Absol, Wish the Espurr [Female], Moe the Chesnaught, Flick the Charizard [w/ Mega], and Smoothie the Skrelp [to be Dragalge].
I always name my pokemon! :)
I would like to have a new member to balance out the types [and so I actually have 6 pokemon...], do you have any suggestions?
I would prefer one that is easy to find, and preferrably can be found around level 60.
However, I do have quite a few extra chespins [thanks to the daycare :P] so I don't think I would have trouble trading for one.
Also, do you have any suggestions for having a more balanced team? Should I take out some pokémon in place of others...?
And, sorry if it doesn't make sense, but I can't have a pokémon on my team unless I like the design... :P
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