To the Wild and Back (Pokemon/Warriors Crossover)

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To the Wild and Back (Pokemon/Warriors Crossover)

Postby Marine » August 16th, 2017, 7:55 am

Sorry for the sudden stops
Note: All Italics in speech is the trainer.

"Pers, Light Gem!"
I study my opponent, a hostile Dustox. I notice a warm light which must be a light ball. Now I know why it's here, it's time to send it back. I attack, leaping aside to avoid the poisonous powder. Blinding light fills the area for a few seconds, the sparkly light clearing to reveal a fainted Dustox.
"Okay Pers, you been at two-thirds health for way too long, so I'm taking you to the Pokemon Center"
I go back into my pokeball, relief washing over my tired paws.
"Persian?" Asks a voice
"Oh, Samurott!" I reply
"I can't wait to get to the Pokemon Center. Chansey is so nice! And I'm so tired" says Samurott
"No joke," I agree "I guess we're too useful"
"I know, like when he's shiny hunting," Samurott mimicked his voice "Oh, False Swipe this, False Swipe that!"
"Well, it is a useful move" I admit

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