Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

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Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by SpoonyBard »

Entries go here ;3
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Xiah »

~~*~~Pyukumuku cake~~*~~
Ingredients for 12 servings:
2 eggs
150 gr butter
250 gr flour
150 gr sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
300 gr of Watmel Berry and Magost Berry
200 gr cream
juice of Nomel Berry
colorful sprinkles
some drops of Bluk Berry-juice - just for dying the dough black
cake molds
measuring cup
hand blender
1. Wash the Berries. Place 12 berries at the side and cook the rest of the Watmel and Magost Berries together in a pot, until they're like jam. It's easier, if you squish them, while cooking. Now let the berry-jam rest.

2. Mix the eggs, butter, flour, sugar, Bluk-Berry juice and baking powder. The dough you split in 12 pieces.

3. Butter some little cake molds and distribute the dough in the molds. Let some of the dough going over the edge of the molds.

4. Now place some of the berry-jam in the middle of the dough and cover it with the dough, that hangs over the edge.

5. Bake the little cakes in the oven for 25 minutes at 180 degree. After that, let them cool down.

6. Hit the cream and add juice of the Nomel Berry. Be beware, that the cream should be hit very good. Maybe add some cream stiff. At the end it should taste sour, just like the Nomel Berry. You can also add some food coloring, to make the cream colorful.

7. Decorate the cold cakes with the whipped cream. Put one of the leftover berries on top of the cream. Strew colorful sprinkles on top.
~*~*Tada..Your Pyukumuku Cake is ready.*~*~
~*~*The sweet jam harmonizes wonderful with the sour whipped cream.*~*~
And the cute really looks like Pyukumuku, if you eat the first bite.... *giggle*
Tip: Decorate it on a colorful plate and serve it best with some hot coffee or green/black tea.
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Dragonclaw »

Sliggoo Pudding Snails
Results 12 Snails

250g flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2,5dl moo-cow milk
0,5dl cream
1 cube yeast
some drops purple food color
1 packet vanilla pudding powder
2 tablespoon Tanga Berry jam for the color
1 pinch sea salt from the Hano Beach water
2 egg yolk from fresh Torchic eggs
1 role puff pastry
purple glazed cookies (pocky) for the sensors
some frosting (powder sugar and water)
halved Tanga Berry for the eyes
a piece molten chocolate for the mouth

1. For the dough, slightly warm the milk. Put 3 tablespoons on a cup and add the half from the sugar and mix it with the yeast until the yeast has dissolved. Put it on a warm place and let it rest for 5 minutes.

2. Then, riddle the flour in a bowl and add the yeast mix, the salt and the rest of the sugar and put the food color in. Then, kneat it with the hands until it's a smooth dough. Now let it rest on a warm place until the volume has doubled.

3. Meanwhile, cook the pudding. Put the cream and the milk together, add the pudding powder and mix it with a whisk, lower the heat and cook it slow. Take 0,3dl off and whisk it with the egg yolks and the Wiki Berry jam. When the pudding cooks, add the egg yolk mixture with the rest of the pudding to a smooth mixture. At the end, add the sugar.

4. Roll the yeastdough on the size of the puff pastery and put the pastery on the dough, then. Now cut it in stripes. Smear the pudding mixture careful on the stripes and roll it to a snail shell form. Let them rest for 30 Minutes now and then bake it for 25 minutes on 170 Degreed.

5. When the snails chilled, cut the Wepear Berrys in halves and glue them with frosting on the "ending" of the snails, melt the chocolate and give them a derpy mouth with the choclate and a toothpick. Now add the cookies for the sensors.
Bon appetite! They are great for breakfast and fits perfect with some cream and fresh berrys. Or just the classic breakfast egg and a moo-cow glass milk.

There is a added note on the recipe, the handwriting is so bad, you can barely read it.
This is the favorite recipe of my Lycanroc, he love to eat some to his breakfast! It's also a great recipe for kids and pokémon, they always laugh when they got a eatable Sliggoo from me! This recipe already gave me a ton of joy and it's always funny to make it. ^_^
Spoiler for grocery list:
flour from Thrifty Megamart
sugar from Thrifty Megamart
moo-cow milk from the Paniola Ranch
cream from the Paniola Ranch
1 cube yeast from Thrifty Megamart
purple food color from Thrifty Megamart
vanilla pudding powder from Thrifty Megamart
Tanga Berry jam from Thrifty Megamart
sea salt from the Hano Beach water or the Thrifty Megamart
eggs from the Paniola Ranch or from Thrifty Megamart (they are much better from the Ranch!)
1 role puff pastry from Thrifty Megamart
purple pockys from Thrifty Megamart
powder sugar from Thrifty Megamart
Tanga Berry - from berry trees from Poni Wilds
chocolate from Thrifty Megamart

Picture! The Pudding Snail is this big, because it should be the focus on the whole picture. Yea, looks unrealistic, sorry, but I guess, it's the best so. xD And... Sorry, I'm a bad drawer and I had few colors for this and no fineliner... but, I have try my best.
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Saritus »

(Alolan) Muk Jam

Muk Jam
1kg Pecha Berrys (Or just your favourite Berry)
200ml Moomoo Milk or coconut milk (not from Exeggutor coconuts!)
500g Sugar
a bit Sitrus Berry acid
some washed jam jars

For the Alolan Muk Jam you just take
250g Pecha Berrys
250g Oran Berrys
250g Lum Berrys
250g Sitrus Berrys
instead of the 1kg Pecha Berrys.

Muk Jam
1. You have to wash the berrys , cut them into pieces and place them into an high saucepan.
2. Now add the milk, the sugar and the Sitrus Berry Acid.
3. Let it cook over low heat for about 30 minutes until the the mixture is at a low boil.
4. Remove the heat and let it cool down for about 15 minutes.
5. Take the jam jars and put the jam into them and place the jars into the refrigerator.

For the Alolan Muk Jam you place every berry in another saucepan and use 1/4 of the other ingredients (except you don't use Sitrus Berry acid).
In Step 5 you just put multiple jams into one jar so that you get every jam in every jar.

My Mawile and me prefer this berrys but please try out other delicious berrys as well.
Don't try to take a coconut from an Exeggutor ... just don't. They can be very unfriendly.
Happy Cooking!
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Permutation »

Miltank Moomoo Buttermilk Cake with Oran Berries


1 cup moomoo buttermilk*
2 cups oran berries
2 cups flour
2 eggs
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/4 tablespoon salt
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
1 Sweet Heart for garnish

*(Your Miltank can make wonderful buttermilk from her Moomoo milk, when the friendship is very high. Ask her! Trainer Tip: Use a Friend Ball.)


1. Whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt.
Set aside.
With a mixer, cream together the butter and sugar until it's creamy and add the eggs.

2. To the butter mix, add the flour mix, then the moomoo buttermilk until all combined.

3. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees.

4. Toss the oran berries with one tablespoon of flour.

5. Gently stir the oran berries into the cake batter.
Press the batter into a Miltank baking pan.

6. Bake for 55 minutes.
After that garnish with the Sweet Heart.

♥ Enjoy your meal! ♥
A delicious cake for a healthy and strong pokemon.
Go Go Moomoo Milk!
If you feed a piece from this cake to a Tauros he will be very friendly for the next 2 days. :'D
《♢●♢》 《♢●♢》
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Eleve »

Comfey´s Flowerpower Cake with Rainbow Filling

Ingredients :
300g Flour
200g Sugar
3 Eggs
3 Cups Moomoo Milk
1 Parcel Baking Powder
100 g Butter

For the Filling
5 Pecha Berries
5 Wepear Berries
4 Cups Moomoo Milk
2 Parcel vanilla powder
200 g Butter

1. Mix the flour, the sugar and the eggs with a whisk. Then add the Moomoo milk with the butter and the baking powder.
2 . Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.
3. Now put the dough in a circular baking pan and bake for 45 minutes.
4 . After baking remove the cake and divide into 3 pieces.
5 . One of the 3 pieces is the soil on which the first filling is distributed. Now lay the second floor on top and distribute the second filling. Now lay the next floor on top and distribute the last filling. Finally, the lid follows.
6 .Now decorate the lid with marzipan in the form of flowers.

The Filling
1 . Puree the Pecha berries and mix it with 2 cups of Moomoo Milk, 1 Parcel vanilla sugar and 100 g butter.
2 . Puree the Wepear berries and mix it with 2 cups of Moomoo Milk, 1 Parcel vanilla sugar and 100g butter.

Good Appetite !

A cake for all Little Children and Pokemon .It is full of beautiful colors and is very easy to bake. The filling can be exchanged with other berries as you like.

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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Ash Monferno »

Hi! How are you? Today we will introduce you to a world famous dessert recipe: Viledin's Dessert!

First of all, make sure you have all the ingredients on your table to start preparing this dessert! You get these items at local markets in your city! Some are more expensive to buy because they are tend to be restricted to certain regions and so are imported!

a. 2 eggs
Where I can get? Chansey's eggs are a good option!
b. 1 pot of honey (400mL)
Where I can get? From a Vespiquen's beehive
c. 5 Liechi Berry
Where I can get? In the nature! But it's easier buying it!
d. 1 bottle of MooMoo Milk (300mL)
Where I can get? Get it from a Miltank or buy it!
e. Red Nectar
Where I can get? Ula'ula Meadow or you can buy it in the market (easier option!)
f. 3 Pansage's leaves
Where I can get? Pansage's head!
g. 3 Rare Candy
Where I can get? Buy it!
You will also need utensils such as:
a. A cup
b. Knife
c. Blender
d. A stove
e. 1 flower-shape baking tray
f. 2 large pot (enough to fit the shape of the flower)
g. 1 bowl
h. A spoon
i. Circular plate
Now that you have everything ready, let's recipe!

1. Take your 3 Liechi Berries and wash them under running water. Using a knife, cut the berries into several small pieces (3cm).

2. Do the same with the 3 Rare Candy. Cut them into small pieces with the aid of the knife.

3. Break the 2 eggs into a cup to check if they are good. They should be in classic coloration, yellow yolk and transparent egg white.

4. Pour the contents of cup, the pieces of rare candy and the pieces of Liechi berries in the blender.

5. Add 300 mL of MooMoo Milk to the contents of the blender. Let it beat for 20 minutes.
NOTE: The key is to let it beat for a long time!

6. While waiting 20 minutes we will prepare a syrup! Place the honey in the flower-shape baking tray and let the inside of the baking tray completely covered with honey.

7. Place the baking tray on the cooker at 180 ° Celsius. Let the baking tray stay there for 15 minutes so the honey is well heated.
NOTE: Do not worry: Honey from a beehive of Vespiquen can be put on fire without any problem or injury!

8. After waiting 15 minutes, turn off the stove.

9. Completely fill the large pan (which I said we would need at first) with cold water.

10. Now let's take a thermal shock! Place the baking tray in the large pot. Let stand for 10 minutes.
NOTE: You'll hear clicks, as if something is cracking! That means you've followed the right steps! It turns out that honey that was too hot on contact (indirect) with cold water passed from a semi-liquid to a solid form solidification).

11. The blender will probably already have finished the beating process. You will now want the contents of the blender in a bowl.

12. In the bowl add the Red Nectar and with a spoon mix the nectar with the contents of the blender. Add the amount of nectar needed to leave a red homogeneous mixture.

13. With steps (10) and (12) now completed, we will pour the bowl mixture into the baking tray.

14. Fill a large pot with running water and place on the stove. Place the baking tray over this pan so that it is floating in the large pan. Leave to warm to 220° Celsius for 30 minutes.

15. The service is not over yet! While the pots are on fire, we will cut the 3 Pansage leaves into very small pieces (0.5 cm).

16. The 2 Liechi Berries left, you'll cut them in round slices!
Note: ROUND!

17. Turn off the stove. Your dessert is almost ready now! Remove the baking tray from above the large pan.
NOTE: After heating in step (14), what was liquid is now in a solid state (soft, but solid!).

18. Place the contents of the baking tray onto the plate.

19. Lastly, add the Pansage's chopped leaves and the circular rings over your dessert!

20. Take a fork or spoon and enjoy it! You deserve!
"I'm pretty sure you can guess why this name right?"
This is a sweet and spicy experience! Pokémon Coordinators that compete in Cute and Cool Category prepare this recipe for their pokemon! Also, trainers usually give this dessert for Pokémon with Hasty, Jolly, Naive, Lonely, Adamant and Naughty natures. Humans can eat it as well, but being careful not to overdo it!
1. Speed and Attack might be increased!
2. If an Oricorio eats this dessert in might change into Baile Style!
3. Your pokémon is leveled up! (Rare Candy)
4. The dessert restore a great amount of HP!
5. The dessert helps relieving stress and alleviate exhaustion! (Pansage Leaves)

> > > Now just STOP! And give me your Pandas! I'm a Pancham's Master! < < <
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Heili »

Electrode Pancakes

Ingredients :
1 1/2 cups flour
3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 1/4 cups moomoo milk
1 egg
3 tablespoons butter, melted

Preparation :
In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the center and pour in the moomoo milk,
egg and melted butter; mix until smooth.

Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using
approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot with your favorite jam or honey.

Tips for Jams:
Bitter-sweet: Pecha-Magost jam
Sour-sweet: Payapa-Kasib jam
Spicy-sweet: Razz-Mago jam
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Looking orange and brown shiny deerling!
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Kaede »

Sweet and Sour Fish


400g Basculin-filet (*1)
1 Onion
½ Aspear berry (*2)
2 Iapapa berries (*2)
4 Pecha berries (*2)
2 Tamato berries (*2)
2 tablespoon rice vinegar (*3)
2 tablespoon honey (from Combee) (*4)
a pinch of salt


Cut the Basculin-filet into small pieces. Mix the fish with the juice of a half Aspear berry and the salt.
Heat up a wok and fry the fish until it gains a nice white-golden color.
Chop the onion into small pieces and add it to the fish after 2 minutes.
Wash the Iapapa berries and the Pecha berries and chop them roughly. Add them to the fish, fry for 2 minutes.
Also wash the Tamato berries and blend them until they are smooth. Add the blended Tamato and cook everything for 2 more minutes. Then add the rice vinegar and the honey.

Cooks Note:
You can serv it with rice. (*3)
Bon Apétit!

*1: from Basculin - Basculin is mentioned as tasty in one of its pokédex entries - you can only say that its tasty if you tried it. ( ... %C3%A9mon) )
*2: The mentioned berries are well-known in the Pokémon editions. ( )
*3: In the Pokémon anime, rice balls are very common. Since rice vinegar is made from rice, it should be available in the Pokéverse too. ( )
*4: Honey is also a well-known food item in the Pokémon editions. ( )
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by MajorasMask »



200 g white flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 egg (from Chansey)
125 g sugar
¼ cup melted butter
50 ml moomoo milk (from Miltank)
2 Magost berries
2 bananas (from Tropius)

200 g Curd
2 packages vanilla sugar
120g cream
1 more banana (from Tropius)

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Mix the white flour, baking powder, sugar, egg and melted butter in a large bowl. Add the moomoo milk until the batter gets smooth and creamy. Then cut the bananas and the sweet Magost berries into little slices and fold them into the flour mixture.
Scoop the batter into muffin pans. Bake the muffins for 25 minutes.
Let the muffins cool down. In the meanwhile, mix together the curd, vanilla sugar and cream for the icing. Spoon the icing into a piping bag and pipe the icing onto the cup cakes in a large swirl. Add a slice of banana as decoration on the icing.

(Sources: ... A9mon_food )
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Ecco »

Tropius Banana Sushi

Preparation 8 minutes - Cook 15 minutes Ready In 30 minutes.

Step1: The Basic

1 1/2 cups poke-flour
3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon Shoal Salt
1 tablespoon white sugar
1 1/4 cups moomoo milk
1 Tropius egg
3 tablespoons butter, melted

Drop it in a large pokebowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter; mix until smooth.
Heat a lightly oiled pan over medium high heat. drop the butter in the pan, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

Click on the Spoiler to see pictures for more details:
Step2: The Second Basics
Ingredients step 2

1 Pancake
1 Tropius Banana
1 tablespoon chocolate paste or use honey
1 small cup Chesto Berries (from route 116)
1 small cup Rawst Berries (from route 123)
1 small cup Oran Berries (from route 103)
3 teaspoons dried mixed berries
1 Rice Roll Maker Bamboo Sushi Mat
1 set Chopsticks (or a fork)
1 sharp knife (be carefully)
The Making off

Place the pancake on the sushi roller put the chocolate on the pancake and cover it all.
Roll the pancake with the roller to a nice firm roll.
Remove the roller and put the roll on a plate and cut it in nice equal parts.
Remove the roll from the plate onto a nice sushi plate
and decorate it with the poke berries and the dried mixed berries
Take the dip basket and fill it with a nice compote you made from the smashed berries.
put the chopsticks a side and a extra little cup with some extra berries.
As a side drink i can advise my specialty a Hoenn Tonic
Recipe: Sitrus Berry Lv.10 x10 (from route 114)
Kelpsy Berry Lv.2 x2 (from route 115)
Leppa Berry Lv.2 x2 (from Lilycove City)
Soda Pop x1
Blend them all together and put in some ice-cubes a straw and done :)
The Final presentation
The Final presentation with a guest :)
Small business advice for the dish

Since its a dish for a restaurant the costs are pretty low and the taste and look would be great for all customers from young pokemon trainers to the older ones :) All Berries and some ingredients are from the Hoenn Region (because tropius)
I would suggest this to bring this on your menu because its easy to make and the prize cost balance is perfect and very easy to prepare because you can prepare a lot before the restaurant opens. And the dish is very low in calories and 100% vegetarian. If you like more info about the costs you can always give me a call.

Mallow i hope i inspired you enough with my super delicious Pokemon Tropius Sushi recipe.

Good-luck with the new menu and taking over the restaurant.
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Eule »

Image¸.•*( Castelia City rice pudding cake )`*•.Image

>> Casteliacone was yesterday! Here is the original recipe for Castelia Citys new famous cake! Enjoy the taste of the big city together with your Pokémon! Without even using an oven, delicious and easy! <<

Preparation: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 2 minutes


● 750 ml moomoo milk
● 175 g Rice pudding
● 1 teaspoon shoal salt
● 150 g white sugar (or honey)
● 9 leaves white gelatin
● 200 g Lava cookies
● 130 g butter
● 350 g whipping cream
● 700 g Pecha berries (or any other sweet berry)
● 1 packet glaze

Cake base:
Crumble the lava cookies, mix it with with the melted butter and place it in a 20 cm ring. Let it cool down in a cold place or just ask your ice type Pokémon for help. :]

Boil the moomoo milk with the rice pudding for 2 minutes and add the sugar carefully. Don't forget the tablespoon shoal salt!
Add the already soaked gelatin to the rice pudding, whip up the cream with a mixer and put it under the rice pudding. Please be careful while doing this!
Pour the whole mixture into the ring with the cake base and leave it to cool in the fridge or ask your Pokémon again. Please make sure it's not revised from all the hard work!

Icing and decoration:
Prepare the glaze according to the instructions and place the Pecha berries on the cake. Give the glaze over it and wait again until everything is nice.

Now you can enjoy your yummy cake! Alone or together with your Pokémon and/or human friends! You will feel the refreshing taste of the big city! ✿
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Tango »

Blazin'ken Curry

1. Roughly chop 1 large onion then transfer to a small food processor with 3 tbsp of water in order to get a slight paste. Alternatively you can just grate the onion into a bowl.

2. If you used the food processor, add in the niniku, white apricorn, 20g of the red apricorn, and add 4 tbsp water. Process until smooth and spoon into another small bowl. Alternatively, crush the niniku to a paste and finely grate the rest.

3. Heat 4 tbsp rindo oil in a wok or sturdy pan set over a medium heat.

4. Crush the touga flakes then combine it with the green apricorn, the rest of the red apricorn, and the persim juice. Add this to the pan and swirl until the spices release a fragrant aroma.

5. Add the onion paste and brown them. This should take roughly 7-8 minutes.

6. Add the niniku/apricorn paste to the pan and cook another 2 minutes, stirring constantly.

7. Stir in your herb blend, ground oran, and honey. Continue cooking for roughly 20 seconds before pouring in the chopped chilan berries.

8. Continue cooking on medium heat for about 10 minutes without the lid until the chilan liquid reduces and darkens.

9. Cut up the thighs into bit sized chunks (your preference) and add to the pan once the chilan have thickened to an almost paste.

10. Cook for another 5 minutes to coat the thighs and seal in the juices. Add the combusken stock.

11. Simmer for 8-10 minutes without a lid until the thighs are tender. At this point you can add more water to the curry if you think it needs it.

12. Sprinkle in the minced lum and serve with rice! You may want some Moomoo milk with the meal to curb the heat ;)

OC Notes
1 A Lumiose restaurant mentions Extra-Virgin Oran Oil (Olive Oil), so a Rindo Berry would be the best equivalent to Vegetable Oil since it's based on the soy bean.
2 Replacement for Cinnamon stick as there is a 'cinnamon' persimmon that is flavored similarly.
3 Replacement for caster sugar, then removed some stock to make up for the added liquid
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Akemie »


Here a link to the picture (if the above is broken).

Octillery-ink: Dex-entry - It usually sleeps in caves. The pitch-black ink that Octillery spits is also used for cooking.
Combee-honey: Wiki-page - The gathered honey has multiple purposes, though it's usually consumed.
Chansey-eggs: Dex-entry - It lays several eggs a day. The eggs are apparently rich in nutrients and extremely delicious.
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by monkeyD »


The recip is for like 30 cake-pops.
Time: 60 min baking time, 1 hour freezing time, 30 min for decoration

-the basic recipi:
  • 300g of Butter
    6 tbsp sweet heart (Healing item from Pokemon black and white)
    300ml MooMoo-Milk
    525g Sugar
    375g Flour
    2 tsp baking soda
    3 Chansey-Eggs
    225g sour cream
    A pinch of Salt
  • 150g berrys of your or the choise of your pokemon (cut in little pieces), chopped up small nuts of your choise
    100g cream cheese
  • 500g icing sugar
    12tsp lemon juice
    different food colouring (blue, yellow, green, purple,...)
    candy decoration (stars, triangles, circles,...)
    30 wooden sticks
    something to plug the Cake-pops in
Before you start please make sure your hands are clean and you got everything you need to make these tasty little sweets. Got all the stuff? So LET'S GO!

The basic recipi:

1. Put the butter, the sweet hearts and the milk in a pot and heat it up. As soon as the milk is boiling and the sweet hearts have been molten, put the pot aside and let the cacaomixture cool down till it is handwarm. Warm up the oven to 180° C.

2. In the meantime mix up the sugar, flour, baking soda and the pinch of salt in a seperate bowl.

3. Now put the eggs and the sour cream into the sugar-flour mixture and stir it until its an homogen dough.

4. Fill the cacaomixture in the bowl and mix everything up. As soon as the dough is smooth we're done. Attention: The dough is very liquidly, but don't worry it has to be like this.

5. Oil up a baking pan or put an baking paper in it. Fill the dough in it and bake it for 60 min. Please make sure the cake is done (Put a wooden stick in it. If there's no dough on it - the cake is ready to be taken out of the oven)


1. Let the cake rest, until it is completly had cooled down. After that, turn him into crumbs. Fill it in a bowl.

2. Cut the berrys in little pieces and cruch the nuts to fine fragments. Mix them and the cream cheese with the cake crumbs. Work it out to a smooth mass that can be formed with your hands.

3. Form like 30 little balls and put them on a plate. Let the cake-pops rest for an hour in your fridge!


1. While the Cake-pops resting in the fridge, you can prepare the glaze and the decoration materials.

2. Mix up the icing sugar and the lemon juice, til there's no sugar left. (looks better in the end;)) Now make for each colour you want to use an extra little cup and fill the glaze in it. Colour them with your different food colouring.

3. First, stick a wooden stick (a finger wide) in the glaze and immediately after that in one of the cake-pop balls. Let it dry a little bit. Secondly, you put the Cake-pop in the glaze and cover it with it. Pull it out and let the rest of the glaze flow back in the cup. Plug them in an polystyrene plate or something like that.

4. Before the glaze is completly dry, decorate the Cake-Pops with candy stars, little triangles and circles (for the eyes). Let it rain on it or put the sticks into the decoration.

5. Repeat step 3. and 4. until every Cake-pop is covered with the different colours and decoration. Let them dry completly. For the shiny version use dark chocolate. ;)

Enjoy your Minior-Cake-pops! Invite your friends or suprise someone you like with them. Your Pokemon as well ;)

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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Yasha »

Tangela Noodles with Tamato Berry Sauce (4 persons)

Making the Tangela Noodles*:
  • 300 g flour
  • 1 Chansey egg
  • 2 tbsp sunflower seed oil
  • Horsea ink
  • salt
Mix all ingredients in a bowl and knead them together with an electrical hand mixer. The Horsea ink will give the dough a nice dark purple colour. Afterwards, knead the dough approximately ten minutes by hand, until it is easily removed from the work surface. Form the dough into a ball, wrap it in cling film and let it rest for 30 minutes. Use this time to make the Tamato sauce.
After resting, roll out the dough with a pastry roller until it is thin enough. Cut the dough in long pieces however you like. Boil the noodle strips in salt water for three to five minutes while stirring occasionally.

Making the Tamato Berry Sauce *2:
  • 250 g Tamato berries
  • 4 tbsp Tamato paste
  • 50 ml Tamato juice
  • 2 tbsp sunflower seed oil
  • 1 Niniku berry
  • 1 spring onion
  • salt
  • pepper
  • sugar
  • 300 g Tangela noodles
  • 4 tbsp Miltank parmesan
To hull the Tamato Berries remove the stalk, boil them shortly and put them off with cold water. You can remove the skin easily and cut them along the skinless Niniku berry and spring onion in little pieces

Poach the Niniku berry and spring onion in sunflower seed oil. Add the Tamato paste, Tamato berries and Tamato juice shortly after each other. Season with salt, pepper and sugar as needed.

Serving the Dish:

Portion the Tangela noodles on four plates. Add two servings of Tamato sauce at the plate rim (forming the shoes). Add two smaller servings of Miltank parmesan at the opposing rim of the plate (forming the eyes). Enjoy!

*1 You can eat Z-Noodles in Seafolk Village (Poni Island, Alola), so the ingredients for the dish are available in the Pokemon universe. I substituted the chicken egg with a Chansey egg, since it is an edible egg in the Pokemon universe and the olive oil with Sunflower seed oil, because I could not find evidence for olives. Sunflowers, however, are seen in one of the Anime episodes. Colouring noodles with sepia ink is a common (and fun) practice, I substituted it with Horsea ink.

Chansey egg: ... A9mon_food
Horsea ink: ... %C3%A9mon)

*2 Tamato berries are designed after tomatoes, Niniku berries after garlic. Berries can also be used to make juice. In Hau'oli City you can buy pizza with cheese made out of Moomoo milk, so other cheese variations aren't too Farfetch'd (wearing something resembling a spring onion).

Tamato berry:
Niniku berry:
Juice: ... A9mon_food
Spring onion: ... %C3%A9mon)
Parmesan (cheese): (sorry, found no english source. Search for „Käse“ and hit the translater)
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Pkknunes »

> > > INGREDIENTS < < <
- 2 Tamato Berries (200g)
- 300g of Advent Chocolate Lunatone (VA)
- 3 spoons of Honey or 200mL of Caramel from Caramel Apple Vanillite (VA)
- 100mL of MooMoo milk
- 200mg of Chocolate powder
> > > THE RECIPE < < <
1. Melt the Advent Chocolate Lunatones in a deep saucepan (200°C would be enough). Add the 100mL of MooMoo Milk.
2. Let's make a new flavor for this chocolate! Take the 2 Tamato Berries and then crush them very well with a pestle, until they are in very small pieces.
3. Using a coarse mesh sieve, sift the small pieces of Tamato Berries in the direction of the chocolate, in order to filter out the larger pieces.
4. Mix it well
5. Put this mixture in the fridge for 3 hours (you can transfer the mixture to a bowl or use the pan itself)
6. After the 3 hours, take the chocolate from the fridge (the state of chocolate is now more moldable) and then wrap the chocolate making balls.
7. Soak the balls in caramel (or in the honey)
8. Pass the chocolate balls with honey / caramel in chocolate powder (Sprinkle the chocolate powder)
9. Place on a plate and now let's eat it!
> > > THE RESULT < < <
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by FairyPrincessCynthia »

Before anyone gets upset that I'm using an actual Pokemon as an ingredient, keep in mind that it is completely in-canon for Pokemon to be eaten by people as well as other Pokemon.

Recipes – T (continued)

Tauros Chuck Roast

1 pound Tauros chuck beef
2 cups of sitrus berry juice
1 small bag of baby carrots at room temperature
½ cup of diced onions at room temperature
herb seasoning

serves 3

Since Tauros is known as the Wild Bull Pokémon, its meat can be particularly tough, so it needs a little extra effort to prepare. Begin by marinating the meat in a bowl of sitrus juice. This will take 2 hours to fully soak in and soften the roast. When the meat is properly marinated, preheat the oven to 325°F. Pull out a glass casserole dish with a lid and fill the bottom of it with 1 inch of water. Set the roast down in the casserole dish, put the lid on, and set it in the oven. Allow the meat to cook for two hours or until the meat is tender enough to pull apart. Take the casserole dish out of the oven and pull apart the meat into several large chunks; removing it from the dish. Spread your seasoning evenly on a plate, then pick up your roast pieces and place them into the seasoning. Make sure that all sides are coated evenly. Take your bag of baby carrots and your diced onions and add them to the casserole dish. Now, add the meat too. If you set the meat on top of the vegetables, they will cook more thoroughly. Put the lid back on and place the casserole dish back into the oven for an additional 45 minutes. Once that time passes, take out the dish and the food should be ready. Let stand 5 minutes before serving.

Spoiler for Food references:

- Tauros beef. It is a well-known fact that Pokémon are eaten in the games, anime, and manga. Tauros is cattle. Hence beef. ... k.C3.A9mon

- Sitrus Berries: First appeared in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and has appeared in every main game since. They are known for their tart, but well-rounded flavor. They are based on the Citron fruit of Japan and they are used for a variety of foods, including marinades.

- Carrots and Onions: Appeared in the Nintendo 64 game titled Hey You, Pikachu! as part of a minigame where you help Pikachu find ingredients for a soup. ... Other_food

- Herbs: Herbs also appeared in Hey You, Pikachu!, but they were never distinctly defined as to what they were besides food flavoring. In the anime, herbs have been mentioned for use in cooking and medicine. ... Other_food
Spoiler for more adopts inside:
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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Satoshi_Ketchum »

INTRO: Welcome to the culinary industry at Rocket Team Headquarters! We have several dishes, from appetizers to high quality desserts! Today's dish is SLOWARMA! A main dish well known and popularized in the region of Johto and Alola, due to the palate of the inhabitants of both regions!
We advance soon that if you want to make this dish for lunch completely from scratch you will have to wake up very early to prepare it. It's practically 10 hours if you start from scratch!

  • Salt
    5 Onion
    Nomel Berry juice (sour flavor)
    3 Passho Berry (dry flavor)
    1 Tamato Berry (spicy flavor)
    Slowpoke tail
    Slowpoke tail meat
    Pansage's leaves
    200mg Skiddo's cheese
    2 Farfetch'd green onion
1) First of all we need the mold to put the food. So let's get Slowpoke tail straight away. Slowpoke tail has two main parts: the outside (more rubbery because it contains more skin) and the inner part (containing the meat and therefore being softer).
We need to remove the softer part of the more rubbery part, so using a knife remove all the meat from the tail itself, leaving only the most rubbery part, which will be our mold.
! Do not throw away the pulled meat. Save it for a moment.

2) To leave the more rubbery part edible, we will need to dry it and then cook it in a salty stew.
Salt the sour meat with a light amount of salt (2 tablespoons of salt for the whole tail) and then leave it in the sun for 6 hours for it to dry.
After 6 hours remove the meat from the sun and place in a saucepan containing water, 3 garlic, chopped, 1 Farfetch'd green onion chopped into 2 cm pieces and 5 pansage leaves. Let cook for 1 hour at 160 ° C. After that, you tail is now totally edible!
! As Slowpoke tails are already world-renowned, you can save on service and buy them ready-made in supermarkets. If purchased, you reduce the preparation time for this dish to 3 hours.

3) Take the Slowpoke meat you have removed previously and place it on a board. Cut it into small pieces (3-4cm is good).

4) Take a large bowl and add 2 beaten garlic, Nomel Berry juice, 3 pinches of salt, Tamato Berry cut into small pieces (0.5cm). So you have created a sauce, which will be useful to give a pleasantly spicy taste in the meat.

5) Add the pieces of meat already cut into the bowl. Mix the meat with the sauce. Let marinate for 2 hours.

6) While the flesh is marinating. Let's prepare the secondary filling.
Take Passho Berry and cut it into 4-6cm pieces.
Cut the leaves of Pansage into various pieces so as to acquire shapes of strips.
Do the same with lettuce leaves (in the form of strips)
Cut 1 Farfetch'd green onion into thin slices. It is not necessary to use it all, use about 8 slices.

7) After 2 hours take the meat and place it in a frying pan. Put a little oil and stirring the meat over the bread until slightly golden. Take out the pan and put it on the plate.

8) Take the tail of Slowpoke (our mold). Add the fried pieces of meat and our secondary filling. Take a whim to fill Slowpoke's tail!

9) Within the cause add the slices of Skiddo's cheese.

10) Now take Slowpoke's tail with all the stuffing ready for the microwave or oven. Leave for 15 minutes at a temperature of 160 ° C.

11) Remove from the oven. Your Slowarma is now ready to be tasted!

It is not only because the mold of this part is the base of Slowpoke's tail that it is called Slowarma. The name of this dish also refers to a long delay to do so, when starting from scratch.[/list]


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Re: Autumn Contest 2018 - Entries

Post by Temy »

RECIPE for my special YVIECAKE:
for making the pastry please look for some special things:
you need this things for the pastry:
250g margarine
250g sugar
5 eggs
250g flour
2 little spoons of baking powder
3 very big sitrus berries
red suggar color for cakes
mix first the margarine with the sugar and when it is mixed you can add one egg after the next until you have a good consistence. Flour you can mix in next. Then rub off the peel of the sitrusberries and mix it in the pastry together with a bit of there sour juice. At last colour up your pastry with a bit red sugar color.
The baking pan must be rubbed with margarine and breadcrumps.
now fill the pastry in the baking pan and bake the cake 60 minutes.
beside the sour red cake the main is the sweet topping:
for the sweet topping you need this things:
powdered sugar
hand full vanilla poke puffs
any red spicy poke beans
a few red sweet himmih berries
a few chople berries
a few bluk berries
black sugar colour for making letters on a cake
mix first the powdered sugar with a bit juice of the sitrus berries and brush the cake. Wait a bit until it dryed and then you can decorate your Yveltal Cake with the berries, beans and puffs in its wonderful colours red and black … and white for the shiny ^^