Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by karofsky »

2) Haunted Valentine

Breath slow, my love,
Can you not feel it?
The ice in your veins?
The slightest touch?
Do you not see me?
The creep of your shadow not yet sated?

Perhaps you would not recognize,
Perhaps it's for the best,
Long have I shed my fur,
Lost myself in these foolish games,
Would you still love if I told you?
A shadow of whom I once was,
An apparition of the creature you once knew.

I can not rest, not while you weep,
Forever I follow, even now,
A ghost, once another,
No longer the creature you adored,
Even then, I will protect you,
So feel me,
The gentle touch of a Haunter.

You are not alone,
Today of all days,
See me, trust me,
The cruel wind tears,
Strips you down to the bone,
I can not fend it for you,
Not with these claws.

So please, my dear, hold onto me,
Know my presence,
Let it warm you to know,
I will linger with you,
Until we share a similar form once again.

It is not conventional,
It is not joyful,
But know this day,
My love for you passes death,
I will live on for you, my dear.

A cruel Valentine,
A haunted love,
But it is ours,
So breath slow, my love,
Feel the love we once shared,
And know it never ended.
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Firewillian »

I Love You

When I see you
My heart burns like the flame of a charizard
In my stomach feel thousands of beautiflys
When I approach you
I am admiring you as a coach admires a legendary pokemon

You are my Solrock and my lunatone
You are more beautiful than a Altaria
Your smile shines brighter than a clash of thunder
For you to try to catch a Dialga

You are unique as the ash pikachu
You're the Nidoran that fits me
Without you I'm like a coach without pokemon
Without you is like without charizard flamethrower

You're perfect as the world pokemon
Hard to win win as a leader in gym
You're everything to me
I love you and how can not give you my heart
I give you a Luvdisc representing love
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Eckikiki »

My words <3

I love you.
This I wrote the sand
but the water washed it away.

I love you.
This I cried in the sky
but the wind blowed it away.

I love you.
This i burned in my Heart
and that's where it will stay!
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Azazael »

2) poem

One Fire -Typhlosion Tribute-

Alone in a cave, when being in young ages.
Only a small cyndaquil.
Waiting for being awaken from his slumber.
Only wanted to feel love and strength.
Fire burning inside his heart.
Anyone who wanna train me?
Was all in his mind.

Thousands years passing by.
Training himself to become stronger.
Finally became Typhlosion.
The child became an adult.
Still waiting.

As the fire began to die inside him.
Love showing up in form of a trainer.
Saying words all needed.
Be my pokemon and i show you the world.
Typhlosion flames growing again, his soul speaking.
Show me your heart burning for me and i will be yours.

Battling hours and hours.
Finally the flame thrower wins.
Love he finally felt, after thousands years.
Needed, wanted, a home, beloved.
No longer loveless.
Typhlosion choosed his trainer.

I can not go with you forever, because you live longer.
But for the rest of my life, lets go together.
The fire flame lightnings once again, his heart bound to the trainer's.
No longer alone.
Hearts filled with strength.

-hope it pleases you-
-very rare active-quitting VA-
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Miggyway »

1) Song Contest, Take 2: Valentines Edition

I had a story in my mind and just took the song I hear really often atm. It's Kim Sunggyu - 60 sec
The story is about a totodile, which has totally fallen in love with Kirlia.


There I see my pretty Kirlia
with her wide opend eyes
under the blooming tree
It feels like butterflys are dancing
Everytime I see her, I don't know what to do

her white wide dress
matches so perfect with her skinny legs
Her green long hair
blowes in the wind

What may happ'n if I go to her?
Will she laugh at the stupid me?
I should try to catch my courage, take the red flower
and go to kirlia under the old ginko
In Virtuadopt dominates one rule
The beautiful will get the Girl
I'm not her type anyway, I shoudln't have those dreams, she's not my league

All those lucky virtuadopts
exchanging their presents, they are so happy in love
I know exactly what I would give her
A beautiful flower would fit her the best.

On Valentines day
you should be with the one person you love
I know it's her, but she doesn't see me

What may happ'n if I go to her?
Will she laugh at the stupid me?
I should try to catch my courage, take the red flower
and go to kirlia under the old ginko
In Virtuadopt dominates one rule
The beautiful will get the Girl
I'm not her type anyway, I shoudln't have those dreams, she's not my league.

(Should I go to her?) I will go now
(go) It's my time now
I have the flower in my hand
(Should I go to her?)
Nothing will change if I'm stying here
Today is my day

You know what heppened to me?
She doesn't laugh at the confession I made
I catched my courage, took the red flower
and went to kirlia under the old ginko
In Virtuadoopt dominates one rule
If you dare, you will have a chance
I'm her type of boy now, she is my beloved girl, she is my league.
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by mauwie »

I chose to do the song option. The song I chose to do is called Yoü and I by Lady Gaga. Here is a link to the song/lyrics. I changed it up a bit, my version is called Mareep and I.
Spoiler for Entry:
"Mareep And I"

It's been a long time since I clicked around
Been a long time but I fell in love
First time I laid my eyes on you
You feel so soft when you cuddle me, oh
I'd give any adopt for you but you can’t have ‘em all
First time I laid my eyes on you

And I sit back in my chair and click away
In the hopes I can get you on this Valentines Day
Sit back down on the couch where I
Turned my head and Mareep said to me this

Something, something about this place
Something 'bout starry nights and my bleeting in your face
Something, something about my cool Mareep adopt
Yeah something about, baby, Mareep and I

It's been two years but I’d never let you go,
I couldn't listen to what I had been told
Electric static drove a bolt right through my heart
On Valentines you made me a card of gold
With electric humming and no wool
First time I laid my eyes on you
Ooh-oh ooh-oh

And I sit back in my chair and click away
In the hopes I can get you on this Valentines Day
Sit back down on the couch where I
Turned my head and Mareep said to me this

Something, something about this place
Something 'bout starry nights and my bleeting in your face
Something, something about my cool Mareep adopt
Yeah something about, baby, Mareep and I

Mareep and I
Ma-, Mareep and I
Ma-, Mareep and I
Ma-, Mareep and I, I
Mareep and I
Ma-, Mareep and I
Oh yeah!
I'd rather die
Without Mareep and I

Get your clicks up!

I got a whole lot of Mareeps, but I still collect them
'Cause you can't ever have enough of ‘em
There's only three things that I'm a love my whole life
It's my Mareep it’s wool and VirtuAdopt the site

Something, something about the collecting
Six whole years
I'm a VirtuAdopt woman, born to click away
So my desktop’s set up to play
Something, something about just knowing when it's right
So get your clicks up for VirtuAdopt
For VirtuAdopt, VirtuAdopt, I love you

Mareep and I
Ma-, Mareep and I
Baby, I rather die!
Without Mareep and I

Mareep and I
Ma-, Mareep and I
VirtuAdopt, I rather die
Without Mareep and I

It's been a long time since I clicked around
Been a long time but I fell in love
First time I laid my eyes on you.
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Ryou_Kimura »

Oh my. I like to create poems, but this is really hard in english if you are no native speaker. In german it's easy for me.
I had so much other ideas, much more to say, but I was not able to find the right rhyming words and so the story took another way.
It's...a little bit different now...but I hope it's okay...~

2) Poem
I see you every day
When your trainer passes by
She is on her way
If she would only stop and say "Hi"

But you never see me
Through that mechanical wall
I'm just a little Eevee
Trapped inside an abandoned Pokéball

I want to break out
I want to be free
I just want to shout
My love out with glee

From inside I fight
To roll the ball on the street
And finally, the next night
It stops in front of her feet

She picks me up
And sets me free
I feel so much luck
For you and for me

My feelings for you
Make my heart be a flame
I'm happy for us two
That you feel the same

This is love a first sight
For you, with me
My one and only light
My little Eevee

Your trainer took me home
And I was never more alone.

I love you so much and just want to say
You'll forever be mine
My Espeon Valentine
For every coming Valentines Day


Years later, when time passed by
You will be able to see
Under the moonglit night sky
An Umbreon and Espeon with their Eevee family.
Geez...That was a hard one xX'
Not easy to find words which make still sense in a story and which are rhyming while keeping a kind of rhyme scheme.
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by SoulReaver »

2° love poem

the Pidgeotto alone.

Flying alone not knowing where to fly.
Pidgeotto was the poor without knowing where to stop.
flying the highest on all sides.
always dreaming of being a Zapdos.

Viewing upstairs all life pokemon.
wanting to land near his love.
it was she, her Espeon.
waiting with much dread.

He came to land
and his Espeon to walk away.
what do not know the Pidgeotto was happening.
was among a Gastly and Espeon a love born.

The poor Pidgeotto continued to fly.
but always looking for your match.
found another passion.
this time was a Vileplume heartless.

I still find myself dreaming of
your love one day appear-ha.

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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Moon_thief »

2) (Poem)
Broken Slaking Heart

There stares a magestic Slaking,
sitting proudly staring into the abyss.
But, inside his heart is cracked open.
You ask to hear his story.

His fur pelts another Slacking,
his dream crush with him.
They loved each other,
they went everywhere together.

Stark tradgedy striked and their trainers,
died.They were thrown into different pokemon pounds,
and in this their hearts broke.
They cried, and cried and they never saw each other again.

The Slacking was adopted and was later the king of
the virtuadopt kingdom.
even though this happened he still wonders...
wonders about his love...

~Moonie :D
-_- Its not that good in my opinion
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~Moonie :)
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Tomoaki »

My entry:
2) Poem

Valentines Day

Everyone around seems happy and loved
they are kissing and stuff
but you look so sad
has anyone done something bad?

My dear Plusle on this special day
I'll come and save you, I'm on my way!
me, Minun is said to produce negative energy
but I'll cheer you up, I guarantee!

The moon is shining on you so bright
the day is almost over, deep and dark is the night.
you're almost asleep when I arrive
when I wake you up, you look surprised

Hello my dear
I say with a little fear
you're eyes are growing and your cheeks are turning red
I guess I'm doing not so bad

My heart is beating fast
It feels like my next sentence will be the last
my only hope is to make you smile
even if it's just for a while

What a pretty moon today
that's what I say
oh and by the way
happy Valentines Day!

A little kiss on my cheek is what I feel
say, is this for real?
I sit down next to you
never thought my dream would become true

You smile at me shy
and together we watch the sky

I've never done a poem before but I tried my best :)
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Jemma »

2) Poem for Deerling (sorry for my bad english, it´s not my first language)

I felt the urge to put my feelings in writing,
because when I met you I was struck by lightning.
You are my eternal sunshine,
you are my true valentine.

Deerling, you are unbelievably beautiful,
When I am near you my heart goes like a raging bull.
The moment I saw you my heart was sold,
the two of us together will never be cold.

We met each other, some time ago,
it was the first time we said 'Hello'.
My love is so strong, it makes me fly,
you are so beautiful, like the most beautiful sky.

This heart is for you, I hope you will like it.
I am dying to see your reaction, that I will admit.
Bye bye, my love,
remember all I said above.
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Xiah »

I made a Haiku-collection (the correct naming for emotional shortpoems is Senyu...just for infomartion ^^) for part 2. They are like little letters to the "Valentine" ^^
And I think Haikus are also very hard to make, because you have to follow a strikt scheme.
8. February

You never see me
my dear lovely mareep
though I am here.

9. February

The wonderful sunset
lets you shine like gold
in my red eyes.

10. February

My eyes are red
because I cried all
night, being alone.

11. February

My wonderful dream.
Why can't you see me?
I am just here!

12. February

The day of love.
Valentine we call it.
Can I be with you?

13. February

Tomorrow my dear.
Tomorrow I will show you,
who I am to you.

14. February


It is time dear.
Time to tell you my name.
It is me, Skitty.


So now I ask you,
Mareep, my pure love.
Be my Valentine?
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Ashuri »

(A Poem)
There was an Eevee who one Valentine's Day
Decided to run and jump and play.
The wind was fierce the snow was blowing
Eevee got lost, knowing not where she should be going.

She passed a Flareon along the way
He wished her a fiery Valentine's Day.
But when asked which way was right
Flareon excused himself, saying he had a pressing fight.

Eevee then found a Jolteon in the gloom
And asked if his circle of friends had any room
For a small and frightened female creature.
But he said she hadn't the proper yellow-coated spiky feature.

She came upon a Vaporeon not long later
But he jumped in the water saying, "See you later alligator".
An Umbreon stepped from the shadows then
Yet he said nothing and quietly headed for his nesting den.

Eevee asked an Espeon which way
And the Espeon replied with a "Happy Valentines Day".
But he didn't know the way back home
Thus Eevee was left to continue her roam.

Leafeon popped up out of a bush down the road
His green ears twitching as if in some secret code.
So Eevee asked if he knew the way back to the city
But he had to reply that he knew not... what a pity.

Eevee was fearing she would run out of time
As the storm began to reach its prime.
Suddenly a Glaceon growled as it jumped down from a hill
And Eevee backed up, giving out a sharp shrill.

To her surprise the Glaceon sprang
She dodged and fumbled before another cry rang.
A strange new Pokemon tackled her foe
Its blue eyes as big as those of a new born doe.

The Glaceon fled back the way it had come
And the new Pokemon spun around with a playful hum.
Slyveon laughed and gave Eevee a nudge
But for the moment she did not want to budge.

He introduced himself with a happy smile
Which caused Eevee to remember the question she had been asking for a while.
She wanted to know how to get back to town
And Slyveon nodded and began to run down

Eevee followed quickly after that
Both Pokemon running swiftly like a cat chasing a rat.
They reached the city just as the storm finally hit
And Eevee invited Slyveon to dinner in a bit of a nervous fit.

Slyveon accepted much to her surprise
Though he asked if there would be any tasty french fries.
She giggled and nodded and blushed turning red
When suddenly to her "Happy Valentines Day" Slyveon charmingly said.

Dinner and cuddling during a wintry storm
Was certainly considered to be in good form.
Now Eevee was happy and home and eventually a Pokemon bride
With her heroic smiling Slyveon forever by her side.

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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by WhisperingTheif »

A Smeargle's Heart

A splash of color here and there
To show all the love that we share

Some lighter shades, an extra stroke
All that's left is for it to soak

Our hearts are stubborn, they refuse to budge
So I'll do my best to make sure won't smudge

I'll add some curves and make it pop
To prove our love will never stop

We Smeargles express ourselves through our art
Because we cant speak from our heart

But there is one thing that I can say
Will you be mine this Valentines Day?
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by limbonic_art »

Here is my entry for the second category, the love poem. I am more used to semi-technical writing but I was pleased to write this, although the rhymes were tough but restrictions breed creativity right? I hope you enjoy reading it.
A lost love...
I was as oblivious as a slowpoke before meeting you
Innocent and filled with a broken heart and not a clue
As to what would become just another rejection
Much time would pass before anyone would show any true affection
But my heart would still be in your possession

However, you would forever change me, my vision
Open my eyes and see beyond the earthly illusion
But you would still never see any value in me
As swift as Jumpluff it would flee

You had always been the girl of my dreams
What I had truly wanted before reaching extremes
But life isn't so grateful all the time
As I never stood a chance in your lifetime

I still wish you the best, and still remember
The legitimate passion I felt deep as an ember
After an aggressive explosion of Magmar's fire blast
Which still exists in my past

I would have done my best to treat you like a princess
Spend as much time as possible getting to know you without excess
Learning about your experiences and helping you transcend
Any challenges that may have occurred and arrive to an end

And I would always be there in times of need
No matter what the situation or the deed
You can depend on me as much as you can rely on family or friends
Because to me a girlfriend represents a much deeper blend

True love and feelings can overcome anything
Turning my back would never cross my mind, instead become abnegating
Dedicating my life to making you happy, helping and supporting
With a dedication as rigid as Steelix's skin

I wish you the best for this valentines day and your future
I hope you got the sweets with great allure
May you find your loved one soon, that treats you with excellence
As you deserve no less with your incredible essence
And also share your love for the beautiful pokemon of the world

As lonely as Cubone I will be, unless one like you falls in love with me
The emptiness of Gastly will forever wrap my heart without glee
Real beauty and value of a person and pokemon come from deep within
Regardless of the origin or kin

Happy valentines day! :D
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by MajorasMask »

Entry for cathegory 2)
(Sorry for my bad english.)

Maybe you're my love?

I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing,
While it is difficult, to breathing
A Shinx could never fit with Mareep
Cause I'm the lion and you are the sheep.

But while looking at you,
Thinking about my own value
Valentines Day is getting closer,
I should confess my love - that would be better.

I know, I'm not that romantic,
And you are that electric,
Just maybe, it can be,
You fit the very best with me!

So I jumped out of the grasses,
While you are just blushing
'Can I be your Valentine today?'
I was shouting it out without being shy.

'No', was your aply
But before I could cry,
You speak softly in my ear:
'I want your love every day.'
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by BlackViper »

Entry for category 1 (Elvis Presley- Love me Tender)

Love me Plusle, be my girl, let me be your man,
of all the other pokemon, I´m your biggest fan.
Love me Plusle, don´t be shy, you´re a lovely girl,
You´re my special valentine, the only on the world.

Love me Plusle, you´re so sweet, never want to miss,
your scent, your glance, your shyly smile and your loveliness.
Love me Plusle, be my girl, make me a lucky man,
Nothing`ll stop to show my love, not even a develish ban.

Love me Plusle, beautiful girl, there´s only you and me,
Whole Virtuadopt would be happy with us, beleave me and you´ll see.
Love me Plusle, gimme your hand, trust me and we´ll fly,
You only have to say one word and I never will rely.
I know, my english isn´t the best at all, but I guess, you can understand all you need :D
It´s a little bit hard to sing it, but it´s possible- I did it several times xD
It works!
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by flareon5 »

2) love poem
I Entered this site
was confused
I felt alone
without anyone to help me
I decided to go to the forum

and with the help of a person
I started collecting pokemon
that person became my friend
helped me when I needed

I felt close to her
but I'm far, very far
was in the virtuadopt
it was that I joined him

I never understood
it I like him so much
because I am so away
but if it were not the pokemon world
I never would have known

I want to thank virtuadopts
for what he did to me
I rejoiced the heart
and made ​​me feel better
with will to live
and because it was where I met
the one I love and have always loved
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by T-Bebi »

1) Lovesong (I ´ve chosen "Linkin Park" with "Valentines Day" and wrote a new text about Pokemonlove in the Virtuadopt World, not all is perfect, but enjoy! ^^)
It´s time of love and time of piece
So fine
It´s time of flowers and of hearts
So shine
It´s the day, when pokemon
want to say
their feelings into words, but I think
this way,
for the most it´s often difficult
to find suitable words.
It´s in Virtuadopt
like here, like here

A young Jirachi floats so nervous
front of a door
bought beautyful, red roses
Shivering he pushes the button
from the bell.
And holds the flowers in the hands
as well.
When at last the door opened,
the young boy falls to his knees.
He looks into her big, green eyes
and he smiles so sweet and nice,
shows the roses and he dares, he dares

You are my dream,
I have to scream,
if I can´t say you this words now.
So listen please

I love you, Celebi
I love you Celebi
I love you Celebi
I love you Celebi
This is it, what I wanted to say, long time ago
please show me if you feel the same and don´t go.
This is it, what I wanted to say, long time ago
please show me if you feel the same and don´t go...)
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by TsukiKitsune »

Poem Choice 2
~Fearow of <3~
On our wedding day i see you flying here and darting there...
Oh little one what are you doing?
How silly can you all be? Our love is fast like the jet of a garchomp but slow like a slowpoke..
We are Red like a Latias but without you Blue like a Latios and Cold like a Regice.
Where are you now my love?
Flying here and there?
Searching for you with my keen eye ability i hear a noise.
Reep Reep! Oh dear my love is that you?
As i fly over and see you in danger.
I flap as hard but something is happen!
My wings grow out of love my beak grows longer my neck is longer!
I am Your Fearow of Love!