Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

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Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by queenie »

Post entries here, remember you can only have 1 entry. Please ask any questions you have in the discussion topic.
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by TOUYApocky »

Heres my entry for the second part:

A Pikachu is walking up the Street
following a mysterious beat
It searching for a little while
and walk down the street 100 miles

When it stopped he can´t believe
and a short time its taking his breath
A Pikachu girl is in front of him now
He is looking to her and want her to show

That she is a part of his heart forever and now
So he gives her a kiss and a box full of sweets
And a chain in form of a heart to eat.

and what he only wants to say
its not a secret

Happy Valentines day
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Kaede »

My entry for the second part:

Love is like, how can I say?
Plusle and Minun on Valentinesday.
They jump and dance as usual
Until they realize that they are equal.

Now they are very quiet
And sit down side by side.
They watch the Lunatone
As it slides up to the stars and moon.

Wishes and promises can link for a lifetime,
When they are made with love as in this rhyme.
Love is like, how can I say?
A sweet kiss, on Valentinesday.
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Ecco »

2) Love Poem:

Dear Tropius
This Valentine Poem is for you.

I know,you are so beautiful
from the inside and outside isnt that cool.
If i see you passing by in Virtuadopt the game
i spend hours levelling and collecting you isnt that insane ?

I know, you are so sweet
from your head to your feet.
I see you allmost every day
i feel like a happy man what else to say.

I know, you are so strong
from behind and all along.
When i look into your eye
i want you forever by my side and that no lie.

I know, you are best
so together we can beat the rest.
I found you a couple ago years in Virtuadopt
i hope this love will never been stopped.

I know you like flapping your broad leaves
and scare the Mankeys those silly banana thiefs.
That fruit that grows around your neck
makes me hungry to fill my deck.

You know, i have to end and say
Dont ever leave me by the way.

With Valentine Love.

Yours sincerely Ecco
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Heili »

2) Love Poem:

What color is love
Is it red or yellow or blue...
Is it like Kecleon,
Change color according mood

In virtuadopt love can be any color
Size or shape
Everyone have they perfect match
No one will be alone on Valentine day

You can dance like Roselia,
Fly like Butterfree
Tauros kissing Miltank
In virtuadopt love has no measure

Happy Valentine Day to all !
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by AzukiSlingby »

My entry...
(but my english is very very bad!)

Love has many faces
and is full of energy
they can have any
nobody remains without

A Furret loves a Pidgey
Caterpie and a Weedle one
Love is versatile and is never quiet
Everyone has need
and they all celebrate

Today is a great day because all agree
Love is a hard color
it inspires all the senses

Team Rocket looks stupid from the wash
because no one wants to give them what
world during the whole Pokemon
holds with open hearts roses

Come, be a part of the Colorful World
share feelings and love stuff
on Valentines Day
you will not go empty-handed
you'll be on the winning side stand

Pichu and gossip with one punch with Wigglypuff
the love will always be in your heart
Valentines Day is a great thing
as long as I'm doing other a pleasure ...
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by [Na ruto] »

2) Love Poem

One day
I saw a spearow
It was alone ...
I took it with me
We went on a journey
For all the world
Trying to find its couple

We arrived in Viridian
We found some pidgey
But it wasn't what he wanted
And someday we found a spearow
It was pretty different
It was green
And its wings were yellow
I remember they flying away
Like they were a couple
And they lived like this their entire life
Trade Station
Credits to Akasha and LucianoRocha
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Dragi »

I sit here all night,
me, the lonely dragonite.
Waiting a lot of years,
never tired of cold tears.
I miss the charizard, love of mine
and his warm hugs, I am thine.
But I know the day will come
and you never leave me, chum.
Cause our love is a pleasure
and your heart gets my treasure.
Dont be afraid!
We don´t need a masquerade.
I am the queen of the sea
and like the water - our love is free.

(I am so sorry for my bad englisch :( ... i hope you can understand it! )
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by ChiipS »

~ My entry: 2) Love Poem ~

Now may be late
I'm lost without anything
Just think what to do
If my only love
Never go back

It's a feeling that comes and goes
At the same time,
It's a feeling that just pisses me off
Not sure what to do

I am in a darkness
Lost with my Pokemon
In an endless adventure
With love that never came

It's an adventure
Full of dangers and mysteries
But if I was only
Would be just another crystal castle
The castle of fear

Battles and more battles
Can do nothing
I was just out of love is
Is an endless hole

If love was easy
None of this would have an effect
Were only two people
Together without principle

Leave Without any fear
For I am with my best mate
One friend forever
I will never abandon
My Pokémon, my friend...

Thanks to Sarkany by the image group
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Minachira »

Mew's Valentine's Day Dream
(sry, my english is not so good q.q)

There was a little Mew in the 'Virtuadopt World'.
It was so alone.
All over had a pokemon their partner.
But what was with Mew?

It was the 'Day of Valentine'.
The Love was in the air.
Suddently a noise and Mew
was breathe a sigh.

What was that? A Pokemon?
The sound was familiar.
Mew was confused and looks
on the site...

Mewtwo?...Could it be real?
Mew can not believe her eyes.
But it was not a dream.

They look the same time in the eyes.
And love warmed up her heart for
the rest of her life,
because she was not longer alone.

♡ A beautiful Valentine's Day ♡
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Jaack »

2) Love Poem

He always stay alone,
Only with his bone,
He misses his loved one.

You have to find someone,
Your couple is gone.
No one likes do be alone.

This Wigglytuff might be the one,
Go talk to her,
And see if she'll like you.

Marowak and Wigglytuff,
You two became friends
Marowak, just enjoy your life
Because, some day...
Wigglytuff will be your wife...

Happy Valentines!
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by oxaleR »

2) Love Poem

Love is nothing like -> Evee and Evee
Or -> Persian and Persian.
Love is when you look at somebody
and you know,
that this is the person you will love for ever.
It's equal how your lover look like.
Love is when you heart beats, when you think about someboy.
It's the feeling you have, when you dream about the person.
Sure, valentinesday is the day you should show your lover,
that you love him,
but don't forget show him,
that you love him all the other days, too.

A heart that hurts, is a heart that works. . .
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Warysmirk »

2) Love Poem

Here I am ...
A simple Caterpie, No Love in life ...
But I saw you ...
The most beautiful pokemon in the world!
You came to me but ... but ...
I conseguima not move me ...
This had never happened before ...
What am I feeling?
Is it Love?
I decided to say something to her.
And after a simple "Hi".
We talked for hours, until...
I already felt better near to you.
My sadness was over.
I want to evolve with you!
Let evolve to Burttefree together!
And fly through this immense sky.
And enjoy our story ...
Story Love.
Happy Valentines day :D .

(Got a Terrible english...)
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by KaylaTheLatias »

Valentines Day is on our way.
Heres a minccino to make your day
A pink Minccino that shines like stars
With a Lunatone that lights the sky
A voltorb blew up mars
A Blitzle Appeared, oh my
What A Weird Valentines day it is
Whats the point of writing this

OOC:I know this fails D:

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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by luluna »

1) Love song i choose Nothing else matters from Metalica which is my ultimate love song :) please note the text does not always fit the song perfectly but just play a little with the words and it works out great. and also i dont repeat the same text as they do in the song as to make it more my own ;)

I call my interpretation 'Eeveelutions i love you' and its my love song to eeveelutions ;)

Eevee I’ll always love you
Catching you, I just must do
My love will always be true
Even if you're blue

I wanted the moment I saw
Your tail wagged inside my heart
Sylveon my choice is you
No matter your type

Sparks come when I see you
Every battle I will pick you
Jolteon’s spikes always seem new
My elektric eevee

Never cared for what they do
Never cared how strong they are
But I choose

Umbreon is by far
My pokemon used to spar
Darktype is in my heart
No matter the night

Never cared for what they do
Never cared how strong they are
But I choose

Flareon beauty is for you
Flames like fire, burning for you
Flames vaporeon can’t cool
As they burn for the two

My mind is so weak
Your invading my dreams
Espeon what do you do
I can’t resist you

Never cared for how they fight
Never cared for their types
Never cared for how they look
Never cared how strong you are
As I choose

Leaf and ice I won’t forget you
Forgive me I just don’t know
It's Valentine day but i can’t choose
Evelutions I love you
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by XicoPT18 »

Love is in the air
Among the Pokémon
Since Plusle and his pair
Until the lonely Rhydon

The Love of Luvdisc
And his sweet kiss
that without any risk
In this day, will not miss

Although there are few
At World of Pokémon
Remains love to Mew

From the heart of a Sylveon,
and Kisses from May
a Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry from my bad english :| but i'm portuguese ^_^
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by Postalpikachu »

Entry for #2 Love Poem


Morning has come and I open my eyes to see the sun arising.
The pidgey's sing as I stretch and smile.

Valentines's Days is here and I can smell the fragrance of it in the air.
I can see it dance as dawn breaks on the horizon like beams of purity, of love and of light.
I can hear it in the sounds around me like harp strings being plucked.
And as I smile, I anticipate the day ahead, this day of love.

My friend, my trainer, my companion still slumbers so I sneak over.
"Pika Pika", I say and eyes slowly open and she smiles.
"Good morning to you too!" she says and her eyes twinkle with humor back at me.
"A beautiful day, a loyal friend and a perfect Valentine."
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by LucianoRocha »

2) Love Poem
A poem for a special friend of Virtuadopt:

Through Virtuadopt could meet him
A special someone so perfect for me
I never imagined someone like you
even in my deepest thoughts
and in my best dreams

At first it was just a normal friendship,
which in time became special
Your every word you make to me feel good
each conversation, I feel that our friendship is growing
is something I can not control
because who am I to control the power of love
even the strongest Pokemon is not possible

I feel that you complete me
and that somehow I do make well for you
so perfect, so sincere
and yet so far
even you living in my heart
there is still an ocean in our midst

Sometimes I wonder if I'm dreaming
if it's my imagination
someone so perfect
who likes me as a special friend

I just hope that one day our friendship grow even more
it becomes bigger and stronger whom an ocean
so we can know us
and find happiness next to one another
As always imagined

do not be frightened by my words
That is what I feel
I can do nothing
if you stole my heart like a Weavile
and now it's burning like the fur of a Flareon.

We're just good friends
as you say
I hope to be so special for you
as you are to me
accept these heartfelt words of a friend on Valentine's Day
and know that there is someone want you well.
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by TigerLove5 »

Once a year this thing comes around for me and for you to find for ourselves. You, me and even pokémon try to find this thing. Plusle and Minun have this thing that comes once a year for you and me. This thing for you and me is called love and "love" is the strongest thing on Earth. To find "love" you need a partner to share your dreams. If they don't understand your dreams then they are clearly not the one for me. Me, you and even pokémon have different thoughts and feelings. Just like a fire and water pokémon, they don't understand each others dreams, but a water and water pokémon would understand each other because they are a like in some many waves.
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Re: Valentine Contest 2013- Entries

Post by SoulReaver »

The significance

Throughout life we find a pair
what would life be without find us?!
pokemon the globe is not different
always find one that comes with us

what is the meaning of love?
what is the meaning of joining?
what would be the electabuzz without magmar?!
and Elekid without Magby?!

what would Gary without the ash.
they could love?
Horsea like loving Rapidash?
or Alakazam loving Gengar?

the meaning may have several results.
can show you where he lives.
and the Magikarp evolves to Gyarados.
may be at the heart of Sunflora.

Cryated by SoulReaver
Sorry bad english.
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