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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by 49ER » October 25th, 2019, 11:53 am

Yes it does really seem like the Congratz odds have been cranked way down
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Tango » October 25th, 2019, 2:11 pm

I think it's more that 3 congrats prizes have been removed: scents. The odds haven't been changed, but it was mentioned that each prize is independent of each other. So by removing 3 of the prizes of course people win less because there's fewer possibilities. If some more prizes were introduced it'd probably be back to more of what it was.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Shion » October 26th, 2019, 7:31 am

Another idea:
Maybe it would also be possible that the bar in the DC don't reset to 0% as soon as you change the couple?
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Hinokazes » October 28th, 2019, 6:12 pm

I created my account during 2016 but quickly stopped after that, I don't remember why, maybe I just forgot the game or because it was difficult or not very interesting ? However I went back recently and was pretty lost before finding again how to do basic stuff like clicking because there's not really anything that tell you what to do... (It took me hours to find again where the starters are to get my Alola starter...)

I read everything and don't want to repeat stuff already said I agree with, but still here are some of my thoughts...

> Could we have more infos for some things in their page ? Like, an example, the Unown thing with Professor Juniper. I had 0 idea I had to possess an Unown to then change it into a letter, I legit thought the Unown minigame was giving me the letter to exchange them for the Unown in question at the laboratory, but nothing was working and I was like "What ? What am I doing wrong ? Did I miss something ? Am I blind ?". Someone told me via pm I needed a Unown first to then transform it...And this is just one thing, for other things I found myself (like the winning machine thing or rocket place) I asked Google directly instead of manually searching here because I don't know where I have to look. Yeah the FAQ can help, but not for everything, like, when I discovered the egg pattern was not for nothing and could give us an idea of which Pokémon is inside, there was a screenshot with those Pokémon but no explanation on why are some in red ? (at least there was none in the little thread I found). Also there was no Alola Pokémon in the screenshot, so for those it's 100% unknown in which egg they may be.
> Maybe add very little quests like "do x amount of clicks and you'll get x amount of cash". It doesn't need to be big, but just to help a little (it's hard to get money when you start and items to evolve cost a lot), and sometimes it can be a random Pokémon too or an item ?
> Just a little thing but is it possible to align the "Go back to Click Exchange" text with the "Quick feed" button (so both are at the same place) ? Like this you don't have to move the cursor to continue to click because when your cursor is on the text it'll be on the button too (it's not always the case right now, if your cursor is a little to low on the text, you'll not touch the button).
> When I came back I had no idea the option stuff (like changing password) was in the forum part. When it was telling me I could change it in my profile, I went to my profile in game and was like "Why I can't change my password or other stuff ???" I randomly found that was in the forum... the "profile" thing is confusing, may it could be more clear where to change our personal infos ? :/ (the forum honestly doesn't interest me so I didn't even thought of going there, for me it's just to talk with others)
> The fact winning a minigame doesn't always give us a prize is... frustrating. I'm not english nor bilingual, so a minigame like the hangman can be pretty hard for me because I have like no idea which word it can be even with a lot of letters. So when I manage to win but get nothing, this doesn't give me the will to try again. I just did that for nothing and it's like I simply wasted my time :/
> I like the puzzles, but only one give us something and when it's done you can't start it again. It would be nice to have more puzzles, and daily (or weekly ?) they could give us a little something for completing them. Let's be honest, as soon as you do the Garchomp puzzle what's the point of the puzzles instead of doing them to pass the time ? :S I would prefer to click Pokémon than doing those personally.
> The matching minigame, how does it work ? Does finishing it with less moves give you more chance to win something ? Is it just random and it doesn't matter how many moves you do ? I'm very confused for that, and I would like to know because if it's 100% random I'll not try my best to do as little moves as possible :/
> I'm 100% with the idea of a pm for the Congrats thing. When I click I try to click as many Pokémon as I can, and sometimes my computer is lagging and all, which doesn't help to not miss the Congrats if I ever get one. My brain will probably not register in time that I got a Congrats and I'll click to the next Pokémon.
> Could we PLEASE yes have arrows to go to the next adopt in our boxes ? My computer HATE that I open a lot of tab and close them asap (or go to a page and go back very quickly). That's very annoying and being able to go to the next adopt would be less time consuming and better for my laptop and my hands (constently moving the mouse hurts) ! xD
> Can we have the time of the website (not our time, but the website one) somewhere we can see it easily (well, why not directly in the explore page ? We have the weather after all) ? I don't even know which time is it here, I just randomly see that's night or day, and if Pokémon depend of the time of the day it'll be a problem for me if I don't even know that
> I would like to point out I discover that babies can't evolve and not every Pokémon can breed... here, by reading what others said... :/

Right now that's all I can think about. Someone told me it could be cool to post here as a player that just came back, because, well, I was just a newbie again who didn't know what to do and all. And the word that could describe me the best when I got back was : Lost.

PS : If some infos I don't know are in the forum, well, like I said, I don't know where to look...
PS2 : Sorry for all the grammar mistakes and if what I said wasn't clear... :(
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Papilusion » October 29th, 2019, 9:00 am

Virtuadopt app for my phone is probably the only thing that would make me play right now... With bigger buttons for my thumbs. :lol:
A mobile version would be nice too.

A click through this box option (sort of like click exchange?).
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by WhisperingTheif » November 11th, 2019, 7:33 am

I feel like the actual clicking is a MASSIVE hassle in comparison to similar sites that do the same thing. Making such a integral part of the site less boring and tedious, such as direct clicking that automatically swaps to another pokemon without the minigame or going through several pages, would be great. Maybe using some form of AI that can detect cheaters using bots would help weed out people who aren't putting in effort, but make it easier on the users that actually care in the process.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Ecco » November 15th, 2019, 3:13 pm

will the new starters gen 8 soon available in the adoption center ?
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by a-chan » November 15th, 2019, 3:42 pm

As we use to release a dex as a whole and the games just came out today, I believe it's safe to say they won't be available for some time. The whole new dex has to be drawn and this takes a while.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Ecco » November 16th, 2019, 8:54 am

a-chan ok i understand..thanks for the reply
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