Our trainer will find us... (Pokemon RP Setup)

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Our trainer will find us... (Pokemon RP Setup)

Post by ShotoNemar »

Note that this is just to talk about how the rp will go. The plot, setting, and characters will be discussed here. Once the apropriate ammount of roleplayers are picked, then I will make a thread to start the rp! This thread can still continuously go on talking about the rp so that nobody gets lost.
A young group of Team rocket grunts stole several pokemon from the Pokemon shelter! Most of them, to scared, brainwashed, or just don't want to leave stay and continue being abused. However! A foolish Rocket Grunt lost track of the pokemon he stole, some ran away, some he lost, some were dragged along by other brave pokemon of the same group... These pokemon are YOU! It's your job to decide how to go about this situation.
*For the full RP AND this thread important to read if you want to join in*

1. Everyone Decides Remember that this is an rp, and the rp's story, setting and anything not directly controlled by another member is to be changed and progressed by everyone. Don't just leave it to me or one person! Or try and change the coarse of the plot on your own!

2. Everyone Sticks together No one in the rp is to get left behind at any point! You understand this? We all should communicate with eachother and move along at the same pace. otherwise there will be more then one roleplay going on at once! This includes Reading every post in the rp as it goes along and paying attention.

3. Activity Try and get on to post every three days or so! if you can't because of holidays, school, work, illness or the like. PM me and let me know you'll be gone for a good reason or better yet, let everyone know you'll be gone here!

4. Wait a few posts before posting again Replying to someone directly is one thing. But if you start a 1x1 rp while others are sleeping or something. They have to get up, and read a fanfic just to post. Be reasonable and at least wait a couple of posts (around 3) before posting again.

5. Grammar, Spelling, and the like Use proper Grammar and spelling. No L33t or TXT talk, smilies, slang, or quick posts (dnt do dis rt here). A typo once and while is an accident and is passable, and I can understand you not being perfect. Hey. If your post size isn't super large its fine as long as I know WHAT you posted.

6. Mini-Modding, Godmodding, Powerplaying, mary/gary Sues, and the like You should know what these are, and for the most part there common sense, but some people think that it's Okay to control another character or allow there hits to never miss, have perfect characters etc. If you have any questions about these don't be afraid to ask. I'll help you out.

7. Respect Everyone Everyone in this rp, and outside of this rp has a right to not be judged for there characters or mistakes. Helping someone out in need is one thing, but hating on a person or character is another. Let's be kind to one another.

8. Character Creation Slight recolors and slight changes in design (like hair due or clothes) is acceptable. But No Massive amounts of shinnies. No fusions (slight characteristics of other pokemon are allowed but nothing obvious) No massive recolors, and definately NO legendaries. I would prefer if you started out on a baby or basic staged pokemon. But I will make SOME acceptations... maybe. Be sure to provide as much info as possible and to fill out the form correctly otherwise we might not understand who you roleplay as! and obviously if you post artwork it must be yours or properly credited.

9. Max Characters and roleplayers about 6 roleplayers max should do. I might allow more but it may get to cluttered if that was the case. You can have up to two characters. They can be on either side: Team rocket, The escaped pokemon, or a wild one that just so happens to decide to stay with the group. I would prefer that at least one of your characters was apart of the group but I won't require it.

10. Subscribe to both threads Make sure your subscribed to the threads to this rp, so your updated on all the new information and be apart of the community. Of coarse I cant see if you've done this... this is more or less a reminder!
Character form
Just Copy and paste the code to your reply post and if it all checks out I will accept the character and add it to the members list. If you have a question, quickly looking at another users form may help, but your more then welcome to ask a question in the thread and I will answer it for you. Make sure you have read the rules above real quick before joining!

A lot of pokemon Information can be found on Bulbapedia Look there or another Pokemon information website to find info on your Ability, Nature, Characteristics, and moveset. Try not to be to powerfull, in fact staying in the low levels in the beginning will allow your character to grow. But perhaps it would be okay if one of us was stronger then the others.

Code: Select all

[u]Pokemon Joining In![/u]
[b]Who's Side are you on?[/b]:
[b]Looks like[/b]:
Open a hide Tag to see there profile information!

Pokemon Joining In!
Username: ShotoNemar
Name: Alonzee
Species: Larvitar ImageImage
Gender: Male
Nature: Lonely [^ Attack | v Defense]
Characteristic: Likes to thrash about
Ability: Guts [Raises attack when under a status condition]
Moveset: Toxic [TM] [Poison|Status] | Bite [Dark|Physical] | Screech [Norm|Stats] | Sandstorm [Ground|Status]
Who's Side are you on?: A member of Team rocket- Searches for the missing pokemon
Personality: Alon is the lonely type. Never really wanting to be around others or really and bullying those who get near him. He hates when others get attention, and when there are those with bubbly personalities around him. He will wine complain and fight tooth and nail for what he think he deserves. However, there is a huge down side to this. He's terrified of affection. Scared about the idea of someone actually loving him. Only knowing the side of crime. He has no touch to the outside world despite it being right in front of him.
Looks like: A larvitar with a red handkerchief around his neck that is tattered and has the Team rocket symbol on it, and a chipped horn. His paws look like they have black gloves on but these are just extra markings. He never appears to have a smile on his face, and is usually seen with his arms crossed.

Pokemon Joining In!
Username: ShotoNemar
Name: Miro
Species: Froakie
Gender: Male
Nature: Timid [^Speed vAttack]
Characteristic: Wip
Ability: wip
Moveset: Wip
Who's Side are you on?: Wip
Personality: Wip
Looks like: Wip
Sorry I made the post so long... actually I'm not sorry! I regret nothing~
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Re: Our trainer will find us... (Pokemon RP Setup)

Post by TairaWings »

Pokemon Joining In!
Nature:Mild[^Sp.Attack|v Defense]
Characteristic:Goes to everything new,even if it may be dangerous.
Ability:Refridgerate[Turns Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves]
Moveset:Powder Snow[Ice|Special]|Rock Smash [HM][Fightning|Physical]|Thunder Wave [Electric|Status]|Rock Throw[Rock|Physical]
Who's Side are you on?:An escaped pokemon- Goes with the others
Personality:Miracle's an optimist.If everything is bad,she will somehow find a good thing or two.She is young,but she has big emotions.She wants to have peace in the world.
Looks like:An Amaura with a necklace,made out of Never Melt Ice.Her sails have light green and dark blue color.She always smiling.

Pokemon Joining In!
Nature:Brave[^Attack|v Speed]
Characteristic:Tries to be a hero
Ability:Blaze[Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch]
Moveset:Scratch[Normal|Physical]|Air Cutter[Egg Move] [Flying|Special]|Ember[Fire|Special]|Smokescreen[Normal|Status]
Who's Side are you on?:A wild pokemon-Wants to help pokemon group
Personality:Draga wants to be a hero.She helps every thing in the danger(even if its her enemy).But,sometimes...she fails.When she goes to help,there a chance,that she will be in a danger.But she tries to success .
She wants to fly high in the sky.She believes,that her father was a Dragonite.
Looks like:A Charmander with red headphones,which she found somewhere around people.She also has got a yellow band on her right hand with a wing-like mark.Her eyes always shine bright.
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Re: Our trainer will find us... (Pokemon RP Setup)

Post by SpaceWolf1897 »

Pokemon Joining In!
Username: SpaceWolf1897
Name: Crystal
Species: Spheal
Gender: Female
Nature: Quiet [^ Special Attack/ v Speed]
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Ability: Thick Fat [Raises resistance to Fire-type and Ice-type moves.]
Moveset:Blizzard[ice special]/ Water Gun [water special]/ Rollout [rock physical]/ Ice Ball [ice physical]
Who's Side are you on?: Escaped pokemon and travels with the others
Personality:Very quiet and shy and has a hard time trusting humans after several past owners abandoned her.
Looks like:Light blue in color and she has white spots on the backs of her ears.
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Re: Our trainer will find us... (Pokemon RP Setup)

Post by eeveekid »

Pokemon Joining In!
Characteristic:capable of taking hits
Moveset:helping hand,quick attack,baby doll-eyes,endure
Who's Side are you on?:an escaped pokemon-goes with others
Personality:a timid eevee that was a offspring of a female eevee and a male buneary that was stolen by team rocket.he likes to help others but sometimes is afraid to.his goal is to get back to his parents and make sure they are alright.
Looks like:a eevee with a necklace with a dark blue gem on it and a lime green scarf
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Re: Our trainer will find us... (Pokemon RP Setup)

Post by Mattzpa »

Pokemon Joining In!

Name: Flash

Species: Abra

Gender: Male

Nature: Lonely [Attack ^, Defense v]

Characteristic: Alert to sounds

Ability: Inner Focus

Moveset: Teleport, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Flash
Who's Side are you on?: Wild Pokémon - Helping the escaped Pokémon

Personality: Being born from a Male Hitmonchan and a Female Alakazam, this Pokémon was born to be different. But the trainer intending for this breed was greedy and lacked knowledge about characteristics and natures. Unfortunately it was this combination which would lead to its trainer trying to change Flash to be something he wasn't. This would lead to him being verbally abused, kicked a couple of times, and eventually abandoned. Even as a wild Pokémon Flash had trouble fitting in with a crowd. He tends to push others away, and stray away from anyone passing. Though Flash seems like a cold, and bitter Pokémon his deepest intentions are for the good of others. He's very strong hearted and won't hesitate to protect other Pokémon in danger, even if it means getting himself hurt. Though Flash has psychic powers he seldom uses them for anything other than teleportation and self levitation. He's always been more about using his own hands to get something done.

Looks like: Slightly lighter yellow skin than most Abra, along with a reddish brown torso. Wears vambraces and a harness made from bug-type Pokémon's strings. Within the harness center, sockets an Everstone. The very one it secretly held onto while still with it's former trainer.
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Re: Our trainer will find us... (Pokemon RP Setup)

Post by RaptorBlu3 »

Pokemon Joining In!
Username: RaptorBlu3
Name: Blue
Species: Kyogre. Primal devolves a lot.
Gender: Legendaries don't have genders but if u need one it would be male...
Nature: Loyal
Characteristic:Alert to sounds
Ability: Primordial Sea
Moveset: Origin Pulse, Dragon Ascent, Precipicise Blades, MoonBlast
Who's Side are you on?: Is being mind controlled by the enemy and later set free. After that he helps the group.
Personality: Originally a Team Aqua experiment, to make a more powerful Kyogre using its DNA. Its DNA was corrupted with Team Magma's info on Groudon and also Rayquaza. Though not being a fused being of three pokemon it got a weird moveset instead. It also sometimes has disturbing thoughts and needs help to calm down a lot. It can't control itself that much so it's moves only hit when his friends are in trouble.
Looks like: Has a glowing scar on forehead and has circles on his body that glow blue at night.
[center]"A Magikarp can Mega-Evolve if the bond between trainer and Pokemon is at its strongest..." -RaptorBlu3 8-)[/center][/size]
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Re: Our trainer will find us... (Pokemon RP Setup)

Post by Aurielis »

Pokemon Joining In!
Username: Aurielis
Name: Aurora
Gender: Female
Nature: Quiet (+Special Attack/-Speed)
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits (Defense)
Ability: Refrigerate
Moveset: Powder Snow, Ice Beam, Take Down, Rock Throw
Who's Side are you on?: Escaped Pokémon, Travels with the others
Personality: A very quiet and timid Pokémon, Aurora is easily frightened and will attempt to hide instead of fight, being somewhat of a coward. This usually fails due to her size though. She hates the heat and prefers to be in cold places. She’s also protective of the friends she does make, and would risk her life if she gathered up the courage. Being reborn from a fossil, Aurora is in awe of the technology of the modern world and may sometimes get confused by it. She never saw her old trainer, being stolen before he or she could use the Amaura in battle, so her challenge is to get back to wherever she was revived and hope that she finds her trainer.
Looks like: Aurora has no defining traits that make her any different than any other Pokémon of her species.
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Re: Our trainer will find us... (Pokemon RP Setup)

Post by ItsHimAgain »

Pokemon Joining In!
Name: Molly
Species: Snorunt
Gender: Female
Nature: Jolly [Speed up/ Sp.ATK down]
Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown (Speed)
Ability: Inner focus
Moveset: Powder snow [Ice/Special], Double team [Normal/Status], Avalanche [Egg move] [Ice/Physical], Shadow ball [TM] [Ghost/Special]
Who's Side are you on?: A member of team rocket-Searches for the missing pokemon.
Personality: Molly is boisterous and optimistic, trying to socialize with all of the other team rocket pokemon. She even has a happy mood when battling. Originally, she was the first of two sisters. When she was born, her trainer adored her due to her good stats. She was living the good life. Eating good berries, been given rare candy and even been taught a TH move! Unfortunately, when her sister hatched, her life turned upside-down. Her sister was shiny, and even though her stats were below abysmal, she was treated like she was the queen! Molly was sent to daycare, where she spent 3 whole months crying herself to sleep. Finally, one day, team rocket invaded the daycare, dispatching all of the pokemon there to random grunts. A normal pokemon would panic and hyperventilate, however Molly acted like she just won the lottery. She was finally getting a home, and people would love her. Silly Molly. No-one actually cared about her, so she had to prove her worth by defeating the pokemon of trainers that challenged the grunt she was assigned to. She eventually got noticed for not being defeated like all of the other zubat and koffing. She even got a nickname: "Jolly Molly". Her goal is to become one of Giovanni's pokemon, believing it will give her a better life.
Looks like: A snorunt with a purple cloak instead of a yellow one, with a team rocket logo on each side of the cloak.
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