Monthly Art Contest

Forum for unofficial contests. You have some spare Virtuadopts, and want to distribute them in form of contests? Do it here!
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Monthly Art Contest

Post by AcryliCat UwU » March 12th, 2019, 8:30 pm

Big shutout to Panda, who hosted their own monthly drawing contest over four years ago. It was a contest that I took part in when I was a newbie, and one that I don't think I'll ever forget.
I will be changing some things up in this thread and hopefully making it a little more fun and fair for everyone. So without and further hesitation- let's get into it!

As the title implies, this thread will hold a contest once every month for those interested in the arts. Unlike the previous generation of this contest, entries can be created using any medium. This means, on top of both traditional and digital art, you can make your entry out of clay, or a diorama, you can make it a flipnote animation, or you can make it a paper figure. You can make your entry out of whatever you can imagine!
There is information below on prizes, past contest winners/prizes, and more!


◇The work must always be yours. If you trace, heavily reference, or downright enter a piece of art that does not belong to you, you will be disqualified and not allowed to participate in ANY future contest.

◇Your entry must be influenced by the theme that is given to you for that month.

◇You must PM me your entries to me. I will then repost the image here. This is so that when the time comes to vote on the entries, no one will know which entry belongs to who.

◇When voting comes, everyone has 100 points to give to the entries. You can use less than 100, but no more.

Example One
Entry One- 100

Example Two
Entry One- 75
Entry Two- 20

Example Three
Entry Two- 50
Entry Four- 25
Entry Five- 25

Example Four
Entry One- 100
Entry Two- 100

◇ The Artists may vote, but I ask that you do not vote towards your own work. While it's not forbidden, its kind of rude.

◇The contest always begins on the last day of the current month, and always ends two weeks after that. The voting will occur the following week l, and winners will be announced after that. Specific dates will be posted underneath the 'Theme' section.

Please PM me if you are interested in donating one or two Pokemon to be prizes. These donations can be anything to older/shiny monthlies or promos to shiny or desirable dex pokemon/promos! As of now, I'm using my own collection as prizes, so I would rally appreciate if anyone would be interested in donating <3

(Will be updated March 31st)


(Will be updated March 31st)
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