Hello ^^

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Hello ^^

Post by Tsushimon »

Hi, I'm new here! :)
I have no idea how anything works in this site so some tips would be greatly appreciated haha
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Re: Hello ^^

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'Allo, new person! Welcome to Virtuadopt! I see you have a candy theme going on so far? Sweet!

Tip-wise, I'd recommend paying a visit to the Click Exchange.Doing so allows you to click a lot of pokemon easily without having to sift through other peoples' dauntingly massive collections (and thus get money fairly easily), while also collecting credits to put on your pokemon and eggs so other people can easily click them. It also allows you to bypass the one-click-per-day thing and potentially get an even 'mon you can't get elsewhere (it's currently diancie, for the record).

If you're keen on Pokdex completion, you should be aware that each individual species must be in your collection simultaneously. This means that if you evolve your popplio into brionne, the pokedex will have only the latter marked. It's a bit annoying, admittedly, but them's the breaks... >_>; Thankfully, you're allowed to take a Starter Pokemon from every generation, which should help a bit with getting a head start!

Tuesdays will get you more money per click on average than any other day of the week, so if you're looking for a quick buck, that's the best time to go ham.

Anyway, i hope I haven't overwhelmed you any further. Please enjoy your stay!
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