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Post by UnknownWolf » April 14th, 2019, 6:51 pm

Hi I'm UnkownWolf! I'm new to the forums and everything else and still getting used to it but I'm already having a lot of fun!

If you have any tips for me to help me learn more about this game I would appreciate it!
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Re: Hi!

Post by Tango » April 14th, 2019, 7:56 pm

Welcome to VA UnknownWolf! ^^

Hope you have fun here, and I have some tips for yah though you seem to be doin' pretty good so far! With adopting the whole 12 eggs at once ;)

- I highly recommend sticking around the Click Exchange (CE for short; located in the Game Corner aka GC) for credits and Tuesdays are double money day so click as much as you can!

- Make sure to check out the Explore map and click around. Particularly the old gentleman around the statue in the middle ;)

- With your earned credits from the CE make sure to put them on your eggs to hatch things quicker. Or on your other adopts to level them up faster. Eggs hatch anywhere between 5000 - 10,000 steps.

- Take a good look around the Game Corner in general to familiarize yourself with what stuff is around. Particularly, after you're settled in a bit, visit the 'Puzzle' link in the GC and complete the special puzzle to obtain a Keystone so you can do the Mega Stone Quests. They require a lot of credits and an adoptable that can become mega (so like a Blastoise or something). So it's more of a later thing once you've collected some stuff.

- If you play the Matching Game (in the GC), every 5 wins will award you a random adopt that has been traded in by past users. Hangman can also net you a random adopt, but it isn't consistent.

- Make sure to play the Ruins puzzle as well for Unown letters. If you hatch (or trade) an Unown they come blank. So you need the letters to complete the alphabet. You can only win 1 letter per day.

- Similarly, the Grid Game is like that but for Rotom. You could win an appliance that once you've obtained a Rotom you can apply the appliance to it.

Overall just poke around and learn where things are. If you have any questions everyone here is really nice so don't be afraid to ask on the forums ^^

Hope you have a great time!
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