Aurs trade station

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Aurs trade station

Post by aur » May 12th, 2018, 9:31 am

Ok so I’ve recently returned after many years hiatus from this site and I’m looking to try and fill up my Dex as much as I can. I have a lot of pokes missing even just simple ones that probably everyone has a million of. And I’ve missed out on a lot of promos. I’m after ANYTHING I am missing please help me!

Trade boxes below. If you are interested in any pokes that are not in my trade boxes then please message me. ... 861&box=11 ... 861&box=10
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Re: Aurs trade station

Post by Tango » May 12th, 2018, 8:24 pm

Heya Aur!

I would absolutely love to have your two Birthday Pikas, and the Halloween Tangrowth and Snorlax if I could :D

In exchange how about a Daemon Bouffolant, Starry Marshtomp, Autumn Leafeon, Frozen Garchomp, Summer Smoochum, Skull Elekid, Cookie Mantyke, Chicken Articuno, Heatran, Shadow Arceus, Bubbles Ducklett, Valentine Miltank+Tauros, Valentine Klink, Mystery Pokémon (Palmon), Blossom Blitzle, Ghost Popplio, Mummy Litten, Valentines Frillish Pair, and Easter Helioptile+Scraggy?

I'd also be happy to negotiate if you have other things you'd prefer: Link to Trade Promos, Link to Trade Monthlies.
I name all my specials with their approximate rarity and tend to trade based on that :3

*Edit: I notice you've removed the 2 B-Day Pikas from your trade box. If they're no longer on the table and it's just the Halloween Tangrowth & Snorlax available then my offer will be much less since they aren't nearly as rare as the pikas. But let me know!
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