11.06.2018 - The beast awakens

Mega Charizard

18.11.2016 - Aloha!

While standing in line, try to figure out what could be inside!

November Egg #1November Egg #2November Egg #3

31.10.2016 - You are cordially invited to...

This year we cooked up something particularly sssSpoOOOoOpy and cordially invite you to explore the Haunted Mansion...


Welcome to Eerie Estates! Here on our haunted grounds you will run into many friends, both old and new. This house holds many secrets, do you think you can find them all?

11.09.2016 - New Monthly Egg

Must be something amazing for waiting a year...

September 2016 Monthly Egg

28.08.2016 - Guess for Mew

Guess the Number has been updated to be better than ever! Check out the changes on the forum. To celebrate, Mew is back for a limited time.

#151 Mew

23.07.2016 - Shadow Realm Update

It seems Team Rocket is at it again. New shadow Pokémon have been spotted and we need your help to save them!

Shadow BeedrillShadow LedybaShadow Roselia

14 new Shadow Pokémon have been added to Trivia. There have also been a couple new questions added.

15.05.2016 - Latest Redraws

Enjoy the latest batch of redraws!


24.08.2015 - End of Summer...or is it

School may be starting up again, but that doesn't mean fun time is over. You can now get all 320 ice cream scoops from the slot machine AND Fishbowl Lumineon for solving a puzzle.

Fishbowl Lumineon

Both events last until the end of August.

26.07.2015 - Ice Cream Cones Return

Many of you know exactly what this means, but for those who do not, let me explain. Ice Cream Cone adopts can be purchased from the Mart and ice cream scoops can be obtained from clicking adoptables. You can then combine the two (up to 3 scoops) in the Laboratory.

Burmy Ice Cream ConeDunsparce Ice Cream ConeScraggy Ice Cream ConeStunfish Ice Cream Cone

Scoops are changed every week so get to it!

31.05.2015 - Summer Fun

Today is June 1st, the unofficial start to summer. That also means hot hot hot sun and you need a way to cool off, but how? Maybe behind a big cool rock, with some nice freezing ice cream, or with a steel air conditioner (like me). Whatever your answer is in beating the heat, make sure you go out on an adventure and encounter new Virtuadopts!