2022.05.01 - Design Medal, Win Shiny Mew

A month after the relaunch, the adoptable migration process is in the final stages. You may recall that I previously said any adoptable that is migrated will have a special medal (like Promo, Custom, etc) that identifies it as such. I was thinking, why not have a contest where you can design that medal.

Shiny Mew

If your design is chosen, you will receive a shiny Mew! The contest ends in two weeks.

2022.04.01 - Virtuadopt 2.0

Welcome to the new and improved Virtuadopt! Virtuadopt has gone back to where it all began, and only the basics are available. You can adopt new eggs, buy items in the Mart, and help each other raise their adoptables in the improved Click Exchange.

As begin this new journey, you may notice everything looks the same. And you are right, for the most part. To get things going on a new system as quickly as possible, the look of the site has been kept the same. However, there were multiple changes behind the scenes. Some of which include rarity and gender ratios in eggs. The Click Exchange is much faster. You can also select the exact number of items you wish to buy in the Mart.

These changes come at a cost, everyone is starting over from the beginning. Money, items, you name it, have all been purged. Your Virtuadopts are still alive and well in the old system, but you cannot view them at this time. More details are coming on how to transfer some of them to this new system and how many you can bring over.

We are also looking for feedback on ways we can improve the look of the site, as well as new features and old features you want to return. Please make your voice heard on the forum!