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16.09.2018 - Mega Latias and Mega Latios are here!

Mega Latias is now available as a special quest. Be quick though, she will only be around for a limited time before Mega Latios arrives!

Mega LatiasMega Latios

09.08.2018 - Monthly Eggs are back

The pattern may be difficult to determine what is inside, but it corresponds with a real event.

August 2018 Monthly Egg

What could it be? Find out in 1 week!

04.07.2018 - Complete Your Quest

Professor Oak, with the help of Roark, have discovered how to make Pokémon mega evolve. There are a couple things you need to complete on your quest for Megas. First, you need to have put the pieces together and found the Key Stone. Next, you will need to talk to Roark and see if he thinks you are a worthy enough trainer to receive some of the special items he has discovered. If you can prove your worth, you may receive something truly mega!


Mewtwo is currently available as a prize via the Click Exchange. If you are lucky enough to find it, it will have the 2nd promo star.

30.06.2018 - The Key Stone

Professor Oak has discovered that Pokémon can become even stronger by Mega Evolving. Not much is known about this type of evolution. However, we do know that you need a Key Stone to trigger it.

Key Stone

If you can put the pieces together, you may be able to help Professor Oak with his research and obtain the Key Stone!

26.06.2018 - The beasts take flight...

Mega Charizard X Mega Charizard Y

11.06.2018 - The beast awakens

Mega Charizard

18.11.2016 - Aloha!

While standing in line, try to figure out what could be inside!

November Egg #1November Egg #2November Egg #3

31.10.2016 - You are cordially invited to...

This year we cooked up something particularly sssSpoOOOoOpy and cordially invite you to explore the Haunted Mansion...


Welcome to Eerie Estates! Here on our haunted grounds you will run into many friends, both old and new. This house holds many secrets, do you think you can find them all?

11.09.2016 - New Monthly Egg

Must be something amazing for waiting a year...

September 2016 Monthly Egg

28.08.2016 - Guess for Mew

Guess the Number has been updated to be better than ever! Check out the changes on the forum. To celebrate, Mew is back for a limited time.

#151 Mew