08.03.2015 - Welcome to the Shadow Realm!

The evil Team Rocket is back and badder than ever! They have begun experimenting on Pokémon, trying to create a new, more powerful group of Pokémon to take over the world! We need you to help put a stop to them and save these Pokémon. We strongly urge you to continue reading for all the details before starting your new mission.

Shadow AriadosShadow DelibirdShadow Delcatty

Be sure to read the Official Announcement for more information on how to receive them.

25.10.2014 - Starry Musharna

These born in early Fall nights are known as charismatic and easy-going creatures. Their charming personality can't hide their indecisive side, though.

Starry Musharna

24.08.2014 - Shikoku Is Saved!

After saving Shikoku, you and your team make your way back to Professor Elm’s lab.

Rainbow Milotic

10.08.2014 - Bead Collector Vivillon

The next phone call has just occured!

10.08.2014 - Storm Blowing In

You may have noticed lightnings storms around Virtuadopt. We have now found the source!

Storm AltariaShiny Storm Altaria

12.07.2014 - Bubbles Ducklett

You and your team have reached the city of Takamatsu. It is time to call the Professor to let him know you arrived. Ring ring!

Bubbles DucklettShiny Bubbles Ducklett

10.07.2014 - World Cup Contest

It is finally down to the last two teams, Germany and Argentina. Who is going to win? We sure don't know, but we want to see which team Virtuadopt thinks will win

Player GligarPlayer Gligar

Pick the team you think will win. If you are right, you will win the other team's promo too! Details here.

18.06.2014 - Starry Duosion

Curious, creative and adaptable - these are the common traits of creatures born around June. Sadly they are also a bit cranky, but that just adds to their personal charm.

Starry Duosion

Starry Duosion is now available in Hangman for the rest of the month.

12.06.2014 - Ring...Ring...

Professor Elm's ringtone begins playing on your Pokegear...


As we do every June 1st, a new birthday promo is now available, Birthday Eevee. Cute huh? That means Birthday Audino is now retired. Remember, it does not go by your actual birthday, but the date you registered. Get it here.

Birthday Eevee