12.07.2014 - Bubbles Ducklett

You and your team have reached the city of Takamatsu. It is time to call the Professor to let him know you arrived. Ring ring!

Bubbles DucklettShiny Bubbles Ducklett

10.07.2014 - World Cup Contest

It is finally down to the last two teams, Germany and Argentina. Who is going to win? We sure don't know, but we want to see which team Virtuadopt thinks will win

Player GligarPlayer Gligar

Pick the team you think will win. If you are right, you will win the other team's promo too! Details here.

18.06.2014 - Starry Duosion

Curious, creative and adaptable - these are the common traits of creatures born around June. Sadly they are also a bit cranky, but that just adds to their personal charm.

Starry Duosion

Starry Duosion is now available in Hangman for the rest of the month.

12.06.2014 - Ring...Ring...

Professor Elm's ringtone begins playing on your Pokegear...


As we do every June 1st, a new birthday promo is now available, Birthday Eevee. Cute huh? That means Birthday Audino is now retired. Remember, it does not go by your actual birthday, but the date you registered. Get it here.

Birthday Eevee

18.05.2014 - Starry Sawsbuck

Starry Sawsbuck born in late April or May tend to be very patient and chummy, but can also be stubborn and cranky.

Starry Sawsbuck

Starry Sawsbuck is now available as a guaranteed click prize for the rest of the month.

30.04.2014 - Egg Collecting Phantump

And here is Kalos’ very own Egg Collecting Phantump! He is the current favorite for gold in the egg gathering competition, and there’s speculation that he may attempt to break the current world record of locating 30 easter eggs in 10 minutes! Phantump’s current Olympic record is 20 eggs gathered, so he has a ways to go. However, it’s been a year since the last competition. Will he be able to defeat the current world champion?

Egg Collecting PhantumpEgg Collecting PhantumpEgg Collecting Phantump

Time to find out what is inside your eggs in the Easter Basket!

28.04.2014 - Paparazzi Kecleon

Hey, who invited this one? SECURITY! No photos allowed here!

Paparazzi Kecleon

24.04.2014 - Blossom Deino

Ladies and gentlemen, last year’s Miss Spring! In the spirit of the season, she is wearing designer Spring accessories and flowers native to her home, the Unova region. Will she keep the title this year, too? Stay tuned to find out!


23.04.2014 - Painting Bunnelby

And here is the Easter loving rabbit also from the Kalos region, Painting Bunnelby! Bunnelby is the Kalos champion, most famous for her skill in painting Easter eggs. She won gold last year by painting up to 10 eggs per second. She has mastered that egg painting technique perfectly, right down to the dot. Wow! Could she be the one that hid all the eggs?

Painting Bunnelby