23.04.2014 - Painting Bunnelby

And here is the Easter loving rabbit also from the Kalos region, Painting Bunnelby! Bunnelby is the Kalos champion, most famous for her skill in painting Easter eggs. She won gold last year by painting up to 10 eggs per second. She has mastered that egg painting technique perfectly, right down to the dot. Wow! Could she be the one that hid all the eggs?

Painting Bunnelby

21.04.2014 - Lady Puffy

Before we get started, will everyone please remove your hats. Lady Puffy will now be singing the National Anthem!

Lady PuffyShiny Lady Puffy

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19.04.2014 - Anchor Aip Comin' At You Live

Hello and welcome to this years Easter olympics!! We are gathered here today to watch our top athletes battling, competing for the gold, and just having fun together! It's our fifth year here in VirtuAdopt city and the weather is awesome!

My name is Aip, your awesome news anchor this year! I tell you, nobody can keep up with me when it comes to snatching up the latest news. Let’s all get started by introducing this year’s participants!

Anchor Aip

16.04.2014 - Easter Olympics

In breaking news- this just in, reporting to you live from Virtuadopt city. Just days before the Easter Olympics are due to begin, the champion’s prizes, the Easter Eggs, have been stolen! It was revealed to this reporter that the thief left a note indicating that the Eggs would be hidden throughout the city. The Easter Olympics competitions won’t be affected, but let’s find those Eggs citizens, for our champions!

Egg 1Egg 2Egg 3Egg 4Egg 5

01.04.2014 - April Fools

So yeah, today is Virtuadopt's 5th birthday! What better way to celebrate than by releasing the Kalos region!!1!


18.03.2014 - 3 Mysterious New Pokémon

Our scientists are baffled as to where these new Pokémon have come from! It seems Professor Rowan has plenty to go around though!


15.03.2014 - Starry Barboach

When the days get longer, the days of the Starry Barboachs are starting. Those born under these stars are said to be emotional and perceptive.

Starry Barboach

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18.02.2014 - Starry Marshtomp

Starry Marshtomps are born in mild winter nights. They are known as very active, optimistic and smart Pokémon.

Starry Marshtomp

Seeing as you are very active, better get to work matching those cards! You have one week. Anddd.....GO

14.02.2014 - Happy Valentine's Day!

Are you old fashioned? Why not get that special someone a pretty bouquet of flowers!

Bouquet Ivysaur Bouquet Ivysaur Bouquet Ivysaur Bouquet Ivysaur Bouquet Ivysaur

Some of you may remember this for the Valentines Luvdisc a few years back. This time, there are 5 different colors and each user has only 1 of those colors they can give out. You can give out a total of 5, and not to yourself. You will have to work with each other to make sure you get one, especially if you want to adopt them all!

Happy Valentine's Day

12.02.2014 - Special Delivery!

Are you admiring someone from afar? Want to send an anonymous Valentine? Why not use the SDPS, Special Delivery Pidove Service!

Special Delivery Pidove

Solve the puzzle to get Special Delivery Pidove by Feb 26.